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Mind – The playful Mind. # 8

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“Mind – The Playful Mind”.

Mind is tricky. Mind may be playing games to us. “Mind is a successful-maker of any make-believe reality”. The reality that we consider as being the only “reality” may turn out to be but a momentarily connection to some other level of awareness.  The decision to change something for something else may involve changing the “mind-perspective” when considering or looking at everything. Body/mind connection is a man-made connection and not a forever-lasting one. Since everyone of as created his self-made-mind, what I have on my mind will be totally different of what you will have.  Perception depends on the body-mind level of awareness. Altering the awareness level of the body, may “alter the way we perceive and experience”,  think, consider, conclude, decide, act, behave, believe, etc…

Eventually, the mind can be tricked to change gears. “The act of Change” may turn-out to be a mater of a simply change in the way of perception. We can ( knowingly or not,  be for a certain time, or conditionally) be put in a state that will totally alter our perception.  We can alter perception “at will” or unwillingly. In fact, “any conditioning state can led to changes in perception”; Enthusiasm, excitement, sex, being over or under-excited, being asleep, being sleepless, dreaming, self-hypnosis, relaxation techniques, meditation, visualization, auto-convincing techniques, adopting certain believes, brain-washing, hypnosis, or autosuggestion, entering different moods, like fear, being angry, ingesting “mood staff-changers”. Smoking, taking medicine, dope, drugs, over eating, or depriving ourselves of food, drinking alcohol, or anything else can make the tricks on our mind. Being indoctrinated, or being brain-washed under any form, can change, for better or for worse, the nature and quality of what we experience. Any pre-conditioning of ourselves may lead to major changes in experiencing or in evaluating afterwards.

What we usually tend to evaluate as being “positive or negative” in nature, are but results due to changes in our view-level perspective while considering them. The same experience may change when looked at it from some other awareness-level. Looking at the same reality from another “perspective point of view” may reveal surprisingly different results. So, where hides the “true reality” when a simply change in perspective can give way to so many other aspects of realities? The same experience may change when looked-at from some other place.  Reality comes under multiple disguise-forms, playing its roles on the scene of our life. The quality of experience that we may have will differ, depending on the level of awareness we are when we experience it, or consider it, simply because we are not consciously-aware of what is the real purpose for our “being here now in this life”.

There are different angles of looking at the same thing,  each new point of view leading us  to diverse forms of experiencing the same presupposed reality. Whenever we encounter some experience that seams to be real for us, we have to ask ourselves where are we coming from when looking at it? Knowing exactly “where we are” and “where are we coming from”, can determine our success in “getting towards, and reaching our long wanted destination”. Since the reality that we experience can cling to different levels of awareness, the considered reality may not appear to be a practical reality. Being practical, committing to something, taking responsibility for your life, doing what you have to do, willing to change, making changes, sustained “continuous-struggling”, making efforts for attaining,  attaining results, all are but valuable possible qualities when considered on the practical level.

“Changing levels imply the need of knowing the rules of each level”.

When changing levels of awareness, the former appreciated qualities may loose their glowing importance due to the new rules acting upon each new level. You can’t open any door with the same key. Each level may have its own operating rules. You can’t apply the rules of one level to some other levels.  Changing  personality may demand being born anew, in another lifetime, while facing some other set of experiences that are proper for the reincarnating purpose of the soul. Superficial change isn’t a change at all.  You cannot try to attain any drastically change on the physical level without changing on the “consciousness-level” first.  Any tentative will fail to succeed.  Who knows what you have to do? So many “question-marks” to be considered   The way you want things to become by change, may be in opposition with the real purpose of your soul, may not be in harmony with the way you are built, with your acquired temperament, with your purpose in this life laying simultaneously your “willed-game” on so many possible levels of existence won’t lead you to self-realization simply,  because  we are not consciously aware of what is the real purpose for our being in this life May be that the way you are now, with all that you experience while stepping along this way, is exactly what is intended for you by the maker in order to be in harmony with the experiences your soul needs to learn in this special journey There are no “instant coffee” answers to so many things that you want changed and materialized on the physical level of your life

“Training for making changes according to one’s own will power”.

There are certain possibilities of workable willed changes you can make on each level of existence. Changing perspective angles, while knowing precisely what’s all about, and deciding to interfere at will, in the way things are functioning, is far from being a child’s play. This demands the determination to know all the aspects of the work, and a  serious long training with someone that walked successfully on the same path to it’s very end. From your point of view, whatever you intend and want can be realized, “only if” you apply to it a “100% continuous commitment and the concentration of strong will power”. It means the strong will of commitment to “practically live and apply certain rules of living your life”. It means one-pointed commitment until perceptible-incontestable results may be attained.

If you want several things done at the same time, you are unfortunately dividing your will power between them, so, each one is getting less than 100% of the “continuous concentration of strong will power” that it needs. It is a sort of “white or black” mater of choosing. “There are no “in-between s”. There are not “half-doings”. It is an “all or nothing game”.  You can win realizing your dreams by strictly and continuously applying the rules of playing a fair game, or totally loose the whole thing whenever you are by-passing or omitting those rules. It means your own total-involvement,  commitment,  determination, and effort. You can’t demand it to be done by others on your behalf. It doesn’t work like this.

It’s you are doing it for yourself. What you intend to, may turn to be a life-time project, meaning drastically changes in your personality traits. Now, the question is: What are we supposed to do?  We are forever-lasting souls encapsulated in bodies for the period of our lifetime. What we need at our soul level may be in direct contradiction with what we want at the body level.  We come to this life for some “unknown reasons” that we have to “rediscover each time anew, during “our stay here”, by way of expanding our awareness”. The sooner we do this the better. Souls may have reincarnating purposes (motives) that are not known by us. Our welfare (in this life) may be a hindrance to the soul. (but) If we can find our purpose of being alive,(at the soul level, in this body, may be) we can, get on truck, and “flow the soul’s way” by learning to want only what the soul needs.

Life is a matter of perception.  Knowing,demands Awareness in Perception.  “Whatever we experience is directly-influenced by the way we perceive it”. Life offers multiple multidimensional faces to be perceived and experienced by us. The way we see, experience, and live life is being predetermined by our preconceptions, and our believes, by the way we think, feel, or evaluate the ongoing experience that we live. “Perception is directly linked with the state of our awareness”. “Changes in awareness will bring changes in perception”. Changing our ways of perception may lead to opening different new vistas towards unlimited, unknown realms of awareness abundantly spread overall around us.

Entering different states of awareness at will, may be promoted by “knowing exactly where we are now” and combining this knowledge with an applied “continuous strong willing force” in order to make the “shift in consciousness” that may lead us to “materialize” in this very life whatever we want,. provided that, “what we want” is “what we really need”. By now, the problem we have to face and solve, will be to accommodate with the way we experience what ever we perceive. Changing realities at will is definitely different from living simultaneously on several realities without the awareness of where we are at each moment. By walking some dream (that you may have,) you automatically place yourself in the reality of the “dream awareness” state. Our perception is being influenced and depends, on the level of awareness we are at a certain moment, or a certain period of time. “Living in the reality of everyday life”, having wants and needs, pertains may be, to some other reality.

We live simultaneously at different levels of awareness. Each one of those levels having specific lows of conduit. At the soul level we have different needs then we may have at the body level. Going with the body’s needs and wants, may contradict or enter in conflict with the purpose of the soul. Wanting means changing some situation for something else. It means that whatever we have isn’t perfect the way it is and has to be changed. This means that the actual situation of things is far from making us feel happy about. By now, the question to be asked may be:  Is our purpose to change the way things are?

If you believe that you have to change something, that implicitly means that you already believe that things are far from being perfect at all, the way they are now. So, the believe that “the world is far from being perfect is “direct-responsible” for the way you experience it while living your life. If that is true for you, then: changing this believe may automatically change our perception of experiencing life. We can experience this by changing believes on purpose. Let’s try changing believes and experience what will happen. But first, we have to make some more clarifications;  “We live in a perfect world”!   “We are already perfect the way we are just now”.

Our mind plays tricks on us, making us believe that whatever we want, we need to have it, in order to be complete. Each of our needs and wants depend on the level of awareness we come from, at a certain moment in physical time, and can undergo change in accordance with the changes we can make in our awareness. So, what we want, or believe that we need, is influenced by where we are situated moment by moment on the awareness level,..  The questions to be asked will be;  “Who”, in us, wants this thing realized?  Is this wanting something, going together with “our purpose for being here”?  How much do you want whatever you want?  What are the real reasons (or motives) hiding  behind it?  “Realizing all you want” can be a lifetime project, or may be even stretching over several incarnations”. It means working 24 hours out of 24 hours.  If you decide to go for it then, it means reprogramming your mind to  “not allow other thoughts entering your mind”, save what you have consciously chosen to occupy it during those 24 hours, for all your life-length. In Principle, it can be done if you are consciously aware of “where are you coming from” in each and every one of your wants.

Perception is preconditioned, influenced and colored by our attitude. “Things aren’t the way we perceive them”.  Mind is the supreme specialist in making believe. Mind is playing games with us. From the day of birth, we are engaged in an “everlasting mind-play with ourselves”. Now, the time may be right to begin playing some games with our minds: First, you have to make a list putting some items in their ” real order of Importance”. Then make yourself clear about the nature or the motives that hide beyond your wanting each item-subject comprised on that list.

“Whatever you wand to have places you in the position of not having it in this very moment.” The simple act of wanting attests for the fact that you don’t have it, placing you automatically in the category of not sharing the abundance of the universe. And by this, It keeps you away from it. It creates for you some antagonistically force that is keeping you away from the object of your wants. Getting to have whatever you want comprises the ability to play automatically with different levels of reality.

Where are you situated when wanting something may be crucial in receiving it.  In order to get what you want,  knowing exactly “where from” are you coming when you want it, is a must.  Wanting something for yourself alone will not be the right attitude for receiving it. You will need some more “convincing motives” in order to receive from the universe what you already have  to allow you having your “share-part” in all this abundance that is already yours by birthright.

“You can’t create something from nothing”.  In order to have something, “you have to have it first” on your conscious level.  “Whatever you want to have must be available some place, in order for you to bring it in your possession”. Anything you can conceive begins to take form in your imagination first, on your conscious level. You have the power to make things real  “only if you see them as being already perfect” the way they are just  now”. But, for what reasons do you want them manifest?  The personal egotistical reasons don’t weigh good on the universal scale.  Wanting money for the sake of being reach will not move the universal scale in your favor. The “reasons” for doing such a thing have to be  “sound reasons” that don’t emphasize only your egotistical profit alone but, points towards some more elevated motive, like the welfare of humanity, etc.

As a human creature, you have already been endowed “in potential form”, by God/ nature/universe, with all the existing love, harmony, wealth, riches, and the like.  Not knowing “where you really are” and “who you really are”, makes it impossible for you to attain “what already belongs to you by birthright”. You must become “consciously aware” of your right to share in all that already belongs to you.  Coming from a state of permanent need and want, situates you in the position of a beggar while in reality “you are a king” momentarily not being aware of his reaches. The universe is a masterpiece of purposeful harmony.  Nothing in the entire universe is devoid of some purpose for its being. Our entire life is purposeful under all its aspects. there are reasons for whatever we experience.  Not knowing about this, or ignoring it, results in complains that attracts to us the fruits-results of our ignorance.

Enjoying life is a by-product of a positive-conscious attitude to life, based on the perceptive-awareness of life’s purpose. “In order to have something you desire, you have to consciously be aware that you already have it on some other level of your holistic being”. That means that:  “in order to make something materialize in your life”, you have to “change your level of perception” about the desired object, (of whatever you want),  you have to “connect it at the level of its consciousness-vibration being”, and then, invite it and allow it to materialize in your life”, by “proposing, or suggesting/giving it “the right universal purpose for coming into being” on this physical level. You need to “consciously reconnect” to “all this abundance that is already yours”, and try to “detect its multi-level presence” under the different aspects that are continually flowing and populating your entire life, even when it happens that you are not aware about it.

Begin by:  a) Making a list of what you already have in your life.    b) Let “God’s grace” guide you in discovering “what you really need”, and spare you the wanting of all those things that may delay “obtaining your real purpose”. I hope that the answer will move you towards finding your inner solutions to what is so important for you at this moment in time.  There is always a wide gamma of things that someone can do and,  you are fortunate to be able to ask yourself questions and wait for the proper answer that will come, in due time by inspiration, from the depths of your being. Doing what you love to do in every direction is the best attitude to choose. Something in us is always “on guard”, so that things got resolved whenever they come from pure, unconditional love and good intentions. So, you may have a point here.  Follow intuitively what attracts your love by doing from all your heart what you like to do.  I am sure that this attitude has the chance to bring you the desired results.

This is a raw model of how you can work with yourself in order to grow. It can be taken as a pattern that can be used with different subjects that you intend to work with, in time to come. What is important will be not to work simultaneously on several issues. You have to fortify yourself first, so work on what you already have but be inventive and don’t spare yourself the self-compliments that you fully deserve. Be large with yourself and expand your findings until you’ll be really full of “your real self-importance and self-value”.

It will be so forceful that all the people around you will feel the positive vibrations that you are emanating and respond adequately to them. The feedback will be wonderful and you will have the needed platform of general all around support. So, begin by making a list of all your reaches, virtues or qualities that you have already. Be creatively inventive, accepting and loving with yourself, and find as many qualities as possible that you already posses.

Each evening before going to bed, read what you have written then, go to sleep and have a wonderful night rest on top of them. In the morning, read them once more and then forget about and go through your day schedule as usual.

You have already implanted the seeds in your subconscious mind and this is enough for now. They will grow there on “automate” and develop by themselves.  The next day, add some more to the same list while keeping the same ritual in the evenings and in the mornings. Once more, work only on “one thing at a time” until you feel you have it fully and only then change your focus and begin working on some other project. Always keep in mind that these changes are not only verbally changes.   We use words to implant their meaning into our subconscious mind, but what we do really is implanting the subtle feeling energy that associates with the used words.

Any change begins to be real only when done in consciousness first. You can’t work and change only on the surface. It will not last long. Lasting changes are deep implanted and this is the reason for transforming them into new realizations. Keep in mind that:  We are not supposed to take something and repair its different damaged aspects that we don’t like.  We are going to create something totally new on the basis of what we already have and fully appreciate as being perfect just the way it is now. This basic attitude is the most important when working on any project.

I would add more by suggesting to try to find what is written between the lines that can complete the meaning of the written words. I count on you for doing this kind of work by yourself. Energy gets lost when you divide it, or sharing it with more people. Whatever you do, or intend to do, have to remain between you and yourself alone until it gets completed. Plans lose their momentum when shared with others.  Telling someone of what you do or intend to do will not add to the energy-force you will need in order to accomplish it, but will decrease this force and disperse the momentum. So, don’t show your plans to anyone. Keep them for yourself alone. It is a strictly personal matter at this stage.

Continue to be as perfect as you already are now. Give yourself permission to dream abundantly, while at the same time, keeping your feet firm on the ground that is “now” and will always be a solid basis for any physical existence. Creating harmony means; realizing an ideal way in all the aspects of your life. What would you like to do in order to feel good with yourself.  Who knows where your fate is awaiting for you. May be that you have only to reach your hand and grab it. The inner self knows what experiences we need in order to learn the lessons for this life.  There is a big difference between what we want and what we really need, and this is so because, what we really need may be situated on a totally different level than we are now when we want what we want . Any situation we find ourselves in is a result of our past-made wants and decisions. Anything we already have is the result of what we (consciously or unconsciously) have asked for. The truth you search for is always present in yourself, only that it is coded according to the level you are situated on when asking for it. On each level the truth seems to be coded totally different.

When born, we were given the option to choose and decide. When born, we have been given the free will to choose and decide. Choosing is an act of will and determination to be, to realize, to accomplish, or to have. Real choosing is based on the awareness of our purpose, which means, knowing precisely who we are, and what are we supposed to do in this life.

Life is continuously testing us along the way and by our decisions we subscribe for the results for what we have chosen. So, the results we get are a by-product of the act of choosing. I wish you to be inspired and always chose what is properly right for you now.



Enhancing Creativity in Expressing

Portrait1 (71)


(More ideas for)


When referring

To the creative expression,

We have to consider first what lies beyond

The term of  “Expression”.

Expression and self-expression are a result of being alive,

Thinking and feeling alive and, forcefully

make a statement of it.

 ”Thought stands at the very basis of expression”.

Thought can express in multiple ways.

We prefer to connect it

To the “A PRIORI” 



To the

On-going feelings

At the same time with

The thought



These reasons

We mean feeling/thought

Even when we refer to thought alone.

Thought is

Practically valuable,

Only when given some form,

Only when manifested through some form

Of expression. 

( Speech, writing, doings, etc. )

Any idea

That man can think

Or have, gets lost and forgotten

In time, in the overall sea of his thoughts, 

If not registered into, or translated,

Taken out, and represented

By some kind of form of



form of expression

Has a tendency at its origin.

This tendency may be a conscious, 

Or an unconscious tendency.

The question to be asked

Now might be:

Where does


Take its energy from ?



May have

Multiple conscious 

Or unconscious ways 

To express




Of expression

Being almost infinite

May cover all the possible forms

Of the human activity.


May be colored

By primitive instincts

Or external stimulations.

Expression may belong by origin to past

Experiences that left over residue

In our personality


It may be

 Influenced by culture,

Education, by group origin, 

By affiliation influence or involvement.

It may be originating in the intellect,

In the reasonable thinking,

In the education,

In ideas,

In conceptions, in feelings

And much


So; expression is a way of  



In any possible


 And must have

Some content beyond it

Even though this content may come disguised.

This content of the expression is

“Tendentiously charged”,

May come from



Of perception of

The human being,

And as such, by it’s effect 

On the surroundings, it can be considered

“Positive” or “negative”

In it’s nature.


Can be


That takes form

In the outside world,

But because of it’s content-tendency,

We have to differentiate between any act

Of commonly expressing anything, 

And the “Creative expression”.


Creative Expression,

Comes together with originality.

It is this originality in expression that opens

“New-vistas”* to consider, to live, to think, to feel,

To understand, to learn, to accumulate,

“Or to charge content”.


Cannot name

A creative act, whatever

Finds expression

Into form.


Creative expression

Is something that must have

An original “Content/Idea” behind its form,

Some idea which is represented

In a new, original, 


Or uncommon way of expression.

The Creative Expression needs some conditions

In order to come into existence:

 It has to be free,

Spontaneous, and unhindered

By adverse

Existing conditions.

 ”Form Expression can be a limit,

Or can allow unlimited possibilities”.

 So, Expression can be of multiple kinds;

Inner or outer expression,

 Deep rooted, or


Constrained, dictated, imposed,

Coming as a manifestation of the free will.

It can come in different ways:

Multimedia expression,

 Multiple aspects of the same idea,

As panoramic or/and overall-angle expression.


Can be


Or negative

In its orientation.

 ”Positive content-expression”

 Is anything of the kind, when rooted

In positive thinking patterns;

Like happiness or


As a basis


Any manifested life expressions.

We may take as a the positively form of expression,

 Any communication through the intermediary of a form,

Of an idea, a sensation, an inside impression

 From outside happenings,


And the like.




As being a positive-form of expression;

Anything that is promoting and sustaining Life,

Any idea, thought or feeling, which becomes expression,

When being  communicated through some form.

Any positive-expression

May come into


Whenever we express the quality

Of the Life-force present,

By giving it

A positive form

That suits and represent it the best.

 “A negative


Will be anything that finds expression

When being rooted in thoughts of – criticism ,

Sadness, none-contentment, brutality, crime, and the like,

Because of the content it represents, we can call it,

A negative-oriented form of expression.


  Being alive

We are implicitly, creatively dotted. 

Creativity is the only way of

Positively expressing

What we think

or Feel

While living 

A purposeful and a meaningful life.

  This voluntary 

Rise in the consciousness

Can be attained by reaching the levels 

Of the unlimited training-system of the holistic creativity.


By origin

We are unlimited

In creative potential capabilities.

 Life finds its real meaning through expressed creativity.

Whenever we’re aware of our origin and purpose,

We automatically


To the

Unending source of

That existing creative potential

At our origin.


Holistic Creativity

Being positively oriented,

Deals with the positive aspects

Of the creative expression, by promoting growth,

Ascension, and development,

And by helping us 

To get rid of

All the

Accumulated or

Encountered negative energies, and, 

 Being capable to  transform it Into favorable

And positively expressed energy.


This expansion of awareness,

Is being promoted, effectuated and attained

Throughout  specially designed exercises

In multimedia creative expression.

That teach us something new

And unknown,


 Enriching our way of


While helping us to arrive at 

Rediscovering, and being in touch

With those hidden potentials


In us.


“Holistic Creativity”

May help in re-connecting us

To the potential-creativity

Embedded at our


We are led by 

“Personal experiences”,

To change the way that we appreciate ourselves,

For new ways where we become free

To self-express  and



In a 

Totally new way


Arriving at learning

To use the creativity in its entirety

Unlimited range of possibilities of expression through form.


Any Creative Expression,

When becoming a totally free-expression,

Knows no border of confinement-lines

And can easily transcend 


Even enter 

The realm of any other,

Different state of awareness.

(e.g.: Awake-consciousness; sleep, dream,

Transcended awareness and the like.)


The creative-expression

We are able, to alter at our own will,

And even completely change the content

Of our thoughts and feelings

 And thus; improving 

The quality

Of our



According to the Holistic approach;

The feeling/thinking process, is of capital importance

“Whenever  we consider the Human-complex 

In its entirety; multidimensional and

Multilateral possible aspects”.


“The Complex of Man”.

 The Holistic-Creativity approach, considers man

As a complex of astral, spiritual, mental, and a physical body,

Interconnected and interdependent between them.

The feeling/thinking patterns

Can easily penetrate

Any level



Human existence,

Consciously or unconsciously

Influencing the quality of life that we live.

By being endowed by nature with innate potentials,

We can and we are free to experience

All the range of



“C R E A T I O N”

Is unlimited In its diversity forms of expression

And such, may develop and become

The creative expression of man

When aware of the reason

And the purpose

Beyond his




And feeling healthy,

is preconditioned and becomes possible

Only when thinking healthy thoughts,

While behaving the way healthy

People do.

Our attitude to our-own life,

Dictated by our ways of feeling/thinking,

Becomes the “responsible key”, by which we can choose, 

And open at will, the doors that lead to

All the realms of our entire being;

Lose or gain, illness or health, 

And the


“Unlimited possibilities”

Await us to be experienced and known.

We have to get used

To the idea


We are potentially

“Far-more” than what we express by now.

As long as we are not yet fully and consciously aware 

About our creative origin, by behaving and by

Being limited In connecting to it, 

We are expressing only

A tiny part of the potential creativity.  

We can express only what we are

At any given moment

In time.


It becomes

Of great-importance 

To know that: We can reflectively enter 

“Any real or imagined or wanted change realm”

And impose to it the direction

We would like to go,

By simply 


“The potential creative-expression”

Of that specific level,

To take a form




Our needs and will.


Knowing and working with the

Holistic creative tools

Is made possible 

By way of


The feeling/thinking



 We have to re-evaluate and reconsider

The role and the ways in which education,

Competition, And any-other influences, may affect

Or can help the creativity

In its development.


This is not the right place

To emphasize or develop these ideas

(We can only enumerate some of the aspects,

Which have to be considered  in some other places later on.)


“Health and Creativity,

Creativity and self appreciation”:

 The quality, presence/absence of creative expression,

As a valuable and indispensable tool,

In evaluating the quality of

“The Life-force”

Present in Man  when considered

As a complex of astral, spiritual, mental, and a physical body.


“More ideas to be considered further



The amount and quality of the “Expressed-creativity”

Can be taken as the “Life force” present,

In someone, or as an indicator for

The amount of present



Total lack of vitality

In the level of personal creative

Further development



The potential creativity

Of someone.



That may help

Or, stand in the way

Of the creative process development!


The Creative-expression

As a way of creative communication.


Competition as a possible trigger/hindrance

To the creative process

Of expression.


 The role of active/passive approach,

When connected to the used feeling/thought patterns

Concerning health, creativity, well being.



As a tool in self-image building.


The amount of vitality displayed/uphold,


 Energy promoters/suckers;

And their level

Of the life-force which

Gets self-expressed through,

By way of their expressed/limited creativity.



For not being creative and;

Who is blaming the conditions? 




Self-awareness, self worth, etc.. 

The role of the favorable/unfavorable-background,

In the development, and/or expressed 




The creative potential 

At our disposition, and the role of

Encouragement, understanding, loving care,

Patience and the like, as necessary ground ingredients, 

In the creative act of expression and further

Artistic growth and development.  



Antagonistically background

As an annihilator of the creative process.

The role of positive/negative critic and auto-critic,

When creativity enhancement is concerned.



When free of outside influences,

As promoters of unhindered vitality and free creative

Flow of creative expression. 

(To connect here the child creativity article.) 

Comparing the amounts of displayed creativity in children

At different ages, compared to the expressed creativity of grown-ups.

The “Holistic Creativity” and the possibilities it offers

In rediscovering the hidden potentialities

In man, at all ages.


The role that  expanded awareness plays,

In the process of change and the will to change.   


 Imagination and the possibility of creating a new life-perspective,

As a blue-print, or pulling force, on the way to

Creative expansion and



A Practical 

“Creative-thinking program”:

 Skills and techniques to use in programming,  

And reprogramming



 The creative blue-print,

Or, how it is possible to  make our plans materialize

And become a reality for us.


The will and wants of our everyday life

And what hides beyond all of them?



 Enthusiasm as the key-master in creativity.

 Ideas; – methods and ways to develop and encourage

The quality of enthusiasm.

Increasing and decreasing burst-periods of enthusiasm,

Uneven-flow or/continuity, peaks and walleyes,

Activity and rest, etc. etc.


 Amount of vitality, health, and other factors like;

Heredity, educational background, etc..


Creativity and the continuously flow

Or the jumping out of the new ideas.


 ”The role of order in the creative process”.

 Order/disorder, planning, focusing.


Concentration, and the discipline along

And during the creative process.




Creative Dimentions



Aspirations. – Longings. – Feelings. – Beliefs.
Sometimes, – Even certainties.
Inner reality,
Reflected in compositions of moving shapes and colors.
Ideas which acquire plastic form,
By virtue of an imperious inner Need,
To give them expression.
The realization of the wholeness within you,
Which becomes intensified,
As you continue to grow spiritually.
This inner reality you belong to,
Whether you know about it, or not.
Achievements that can bring you closer,
Or take you farther away from.
Continuous search.
The continuous unrest.
The longing for…
Reflections of the same inner reality.
Multiple variations on the same theme.
Truth which takes form-expression by art-media,
Conforming to the level of your consciousness.
Frames you can enter and even pass through,
To find yourself behind them,
In a totally another dimension.
The striving to get there,
Where you already belong by birthright.
The everlasting search for what you already got,
And the imperious need to share it with others.
The journey from the material in you,
Towards the highest you.
So many dimensions,
So many angles and levels to consider,
No wonder if it appears to be so different.
This way which may take one’s whole life on earth
Without consciously getting to its End.
The longest way,
Which turns to be the shortest one after reaching it.
Aspects to the same truth, the same search,
The same longing, – the same belonging.
Eternal attraction.
Unending urge to continue and move on.
The impelling movement, at different speeds,
Toward the same goal.
The movement toward perfection…
Which of the known media can better express it?
In which of them is there enough room,
In order to contain it all?
And who can claim to have succeeded In doing it?
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“The ANGELIC REALITY” “Holistic-Creativity”

Written by Beyond 0n 06/07/2001 #          Prints1 (82)



The reality that we may experience in the day by day practice depends on the place/realm that we think/feel, while being situated in time and in space. Consequently; this reality may inhabit multiple forms and aspects, of presentation, each one of them being personal and proper for any-one of the persons involved in experiencing with it. The place that we find ourselves situated in space and in time will decide for our being attracted or repulsed by each alternative that presents itself in front of as. Trying to attain perfection while being caught between the feeling and the judging tendencies of thinking, can be a current dilemma for some, or an interesting opportunity for experiencing and acquiring new pieces of unknown knowledge, for others. Thus; the obtained results may depend on the up-bringing,/education, and/or, on the actual and personal-orientation of each receiver.


Man is a Complex of body, a think-full mind, and a spirit, endowed with all the qualities to become actively interested on all the proper possible and necessarily levels of life-performances. That means that:  At the core of our being, are awaiting us, all those potential virtues and qualities of perfection, to be rediscovered, brought into our awareness and made use of, in this very life that we are living just now. By approaching and experiencing with the realms of “Creative-Awareness”, we may attain rising in consciousness through practically activating our conscious-will and the creative-Imagination that we came endowed with by birth. When we combine our conscious-will, with the creative imagination, we may bring into the realization of “anything” that we can sincerely-envisage, and believe it to be so… Whenever we are able to express-creatively in any/every aspect of our life, it denotes that we have already-approached, or even reached the realms of practical holistic-creativity.


According to the scriptures, we are made in the image of our Creator,
our inner-nature being deeply-rooted into the “Source” and linked to the unending ocean of Love, Purity,
Beauty, Harmony and Perfection which are inherent in our “Source-origin”. If so,  know that, you can also realize and practically become whatever you choose to be, by simply entering its level of “Creative-Awareness”.  In fact, you have already experienced and practiced this in your past, and you are by now; what you have chosen (consciously, or unconsciously) to be or to become. What you are now is exactly what you have programmed yourself to be up to now, by the kind  of thoughts that you have allowed yourself to hold on your mind, for long periods of time. You are ripping now the fruits of your former patterns of thought. By changing the patterns of thinking, you may bring the realization of the desired results.

Rising in consciousness means adopting a new alternative active-plan of thinking and behaving. Any chosen time may be ripe for attaining what attracts you more, continuing thus; towards further broadening of your awareness in order to consciously trans-pass the physically limits, and touch the limitless-possibilities that may be successfully-attained by anyone,  you included!

Whenever deciding to become active, to interfere and make a difference in your own life,  these new possibly choices may need to be made from a higher level of awareness, from this specific new-virtue level of awareness, by choosing at will, from what you may want to enter in your life, and deciding to further approach and realize.

Take your needed time to accommodate to this new attitude, and begin by asking yourself the following, preparatory questions:


Are you ready for a willed change”? Do you feel attracted?- Do you want to give it a try? Do you really want to give it the time and perseverance, it may need, in order to self-inquire about your strength of will, and your sincere motivation ?  


Then: If the answer is yes;  let’s practically start!

“Beginning the journey”

 The following is a list of virtues, or qualities, made especially for you to choose one single quality from it. – You may add to your personal list, if you feel-like doing so.  Now, chose whatever ideal virtue or quality that you may be attracted to, and would like to acquire, to practice, to experience, to adopt or to have, and begin experiencing with it.  Feel free to do so, and choose to experience with this only one that clings more to your will, feelings or attention.



 The proposed list:



Chose a virtue or a quality that you would like to have and to experience its potentials then, ask yourself about; what are the qualities ingrained in your chosen ideal, or chosen virtue, and make an ample-written “mind-list” describing these qualities in detail.

Then, when your list is ready, begin by asking yourself:  “Would I really want to experience with, possess and have this quality?  “What does it mean for me to really own such a virtue/quality? “How much do I want to assimilate it, and “to what extend do I want to make an effort to attain it?  You may write down also whatever you think/feel concerning this at all!

Take your necessary time now, and ponder more about this issue! (Take the necessary time to answer each question. – Don’t jump to the next one until you are completely clear-minded about it.)


What do you intend to do with all this, when you will reach it? “Think” about! “Freely Fantasize”! Du not hold on, but allow enough space for your ample imagination to build whatever scenarios it can aspire to. Inquire into your force of imagination; take your all-necessary time, and write down whatever ideas will come to your mind. Go to bed with your ideas, dream about whatever comes, and write the content of your dreams, when awaken. Feel free to enquire into the reality or into the imaginary scenarios of your thoughts and aspirations. Anything that comes to your mind is legitimate, as long as it remains on the threshold of your positive good-wishes and aspirations!


Since there is a price to be paid for anything that we are asking and receiving, what are you ready to give-up in return for having this chosen quality?  Begin by asking yourself;  do I sincerely believe in the possibility of activating my-own change???  If the answer is yes, then ask: Is this wanted change possible for me? How much do I want to possess this quality???



Pay careful-attention to the feelings in your body-parts at every answer that you give in response to each question. Know that; change is inherent in our very origin. Change is the main characteristic of the manifestation of life itself. So, envisioning and even sustaining any willed-change means attaining a positive attitude of affirmation towards the principle of life itself. Creating change is an option we have been already granted for, as living-creative entities, In order to advance, develop and become what we were intended to be, and what we really are by birthright.  We must freely decide to sincerely believe in the possibility of creatively arrive at the “will-generated change”. Believing stands at the preconception of realizing. Believing equals realizing in the proper time to come! Non believers do not have any chance left for approaching or attaining whatever the may want.


We can undergo change passively whenever it naturally happens to us by itself or, we can be actively involved in shaping our own lives by generating the sort of change that we may dream of, we need, or we may want to undergo. – Any willed change is totally conditional.  We are supposed to do something in return for attaining it.  If we know what we want, and if whatever we want is in perfect harmony with what we really need at this moment in time, and if by wanting this to happen in our life, the principles of life are not to be bypassed by us, then;  any-willed change can follow in proper time that it needs, following and according to our plans.

We are the quintessence of all the parts that compose our human existence and performance, in all their potential and imagined qualities. The will generated change is a positive intentional-attitude a possible workable-plan to be exactly followed by the whole complex of man, on any-realm that may be proper for this kind of work. (on body, mind, or spirit.) Any will generated change have to relay, (in order to succeed,) on no less than 100% Intention from our side; on clearness of mind, and on a firm-determination to undergo this long wanted change.

Believe that it is so, and then; experience what happens when you practically do this:  Believe that you are able to realize whatever you were created for, as long as, you continue to believe also, that anything may become possible. Believe that creating change at will in your life, may depend “in a great measure” on you alone also. You can convince yourself about this while creating change at will, on the different levels of your own life.

First: Find and focus on your real-self and connect to its actual known qualities that you already have or possess.  Consciously ponder about assimilating these qualities.  Allow yourself to be guided by the inner-light at the origin of your own soul.  Become inspired by your innate-origin and let it influence any, or every intended aspect of your life. Are you willing and ready to give it a try?

 Here is your beginning practice of the first part!

“How to promote the dreamed intended change”?

 So, let’s practically begin by doing it now:

Choose a virtue you would like to attain. Take your time to do so: (name it, and even write down your chosen virtue. Now begin saying it to yourself:

“I already represent the chosen quality of…

“I already represent the chosen quality of…

“I already represent the chosen quality of…

 (Always fill in the blanks during the entire following text.)

– Begin thinking about the chosen virtue. – Know that; you can practically own it and even become this virtue at will. – Imagine integrating those qualities in yourself. – Imagine and see what; does it mean for you to incorporate this virtue of…

(Name it;) I am already representing the chosen quality of…


Experience it by pondering or imagining and then: meditating on it, and even dreaming about it. Allow yourself to be  totally time-preoccupied by it. Think,  Imagine,  See,  Feel,  Act,  and enthusiastically express it, In whatever form of expression that it happens to freely take. Think-feel what does it mean for you to have this virtue. How does it manifest in your life?  See/feel it beginning right now in whatever you are acting or doing ; while actually taking-form, and expressing though all your attitudes, and in all that you do.


Feel that you already have it and are, (really personifying it) and appreciate the difference that it makes on every aspect of your-own life. Now, begin to Imagine that you already posses this quality in its entirety!  Each time that you concentrate on it, you are entering more and more into the feeling of this special reality, possessing its qualities, and “simultaneously” having the feeling of it in all your body parts.  Begin by watching yourself attentively:  Begin fully living “it” in your moment-by moment activity. See/feel the changes already occurring on the different aspects of your life. – Sense what does it mean to be the personification of this new acquired virtue?  Act and behave from the consciousness of having this virtue! Express it. Say it often aloud to yourself.  Feel the vibrations in your entire-system, while you continue saying it to yourself:

“I represent already the virtue of,..                       I represent already the quality of…____________________”

Repeat this formula as many times that you may need in order to stabilize it automatically in your entire working system!

Imagine or, really see yourself being convinced on already having these qualities right now! – If necessary, you may close your eyes for a moment and imagine or, you may chose to look in a mirror with open eyes and begin by thinking about it. Hold the look, and give yourself permission to feel the difference while making the transition from thinking to feeling and vice-versa, several times until you get into the feeling.  Feel that you already are it Feel what does it mean to be this and to possess such a virtue?  Concentrate on your feelings and their location in your physical body. Experience being it just now, in this very moment… Act and behave from the consciousness of already having and representing this virtue.


Now, when you really feel that you are ready, begin saying it aloud to yourself and hear-feel the new vibrations in your entire system while continuing to say it:

I represent the already the virtue of: _______________”

Think it, feel it, believe in it and become it just now! Live it, experience it and express it! Share it and make it your practice in your every-day life! Accommodate being this quality, be this virtue! Allow it to became all of you! See yourself expressing and representing it in all that you do and are now! Enjoy being it and expressing it! Change your patterns of behavior so that you are it and express it the most possible time in your life! Be aware of what is it and what it is it not! Be aware of how often through the day long “you are it”! Be aware when you forget about it and “you depart from being it!”. Say it to yourself. Say it as often as you can remember about, and follow the vibrations, reverberations and echo inside yourself, and everywhere around you! – Echo it; I am this virtue!!!

“I represent the quality of…


Know where you are now! Appreciate being here now! Don’t rush. Continue practicing. Take your time to assimilate and master perfectly what you already have accomplished up to now! You may open part two of this experience; only when you feel that you can master perfectly
the exercises from the part one! So, do not rush further on! Be patient and sure about where you already are being situated, on your advancing path! It may need some more gestation allowed-period from your side, in order to stabilize and become the incontestably beginning of your desired change. You are holding the key to your-own development. Impatience may lead to the opposite of your desired successful-results. Think/feel exactly where you are by now, and decide by yourself! See! You have been advertized! Results are always being conditioned by the amount of real-work done by yourself on the considered subject!


Part 2.

Part two, demands from you to enter some other elevated reality: So, let’s take it a step further in experiencing with:


Suppose that there is an idealized and perfectly personified entity that owns all these qualities, an “angel like entity”. Would you sincerely want to discover, experience and be practically-aware of its existence? If yes!  What about becoming and acting like an angel yourself? Angels are personifications of special qualities that can be attained by human entities also! Once more, take a look in the mirror and choose to give free flow to your imagination. Imagine inhabiting this new proposed reality. Get used to accept and experience your new reality.


Choosing, means; reaching for, attending, and becoming whatever you have chosen to do or to be. Choosing is an act of will which conforms to your level of actual awareness, or new changed awareness. You have already experienced this kind of understanding that, “you can realize and become whatever you choose to be, by simply entering its level of creative awareness”. You own this reality by birth-right and can practically reclaim it back at will.  Know that: You can become whatever you really intend and want to be. If you really choose to be it, you can become this reality and can stay like this whenever you like, and even forever. It will last as long as you don’t ignore being it or, don’t forget what you have chosen to become. So, you may decide to go for it just now. By choosing to enter the realm of “angel awareness” you are deciding to make the angel awareness realm to function as a new-reality of your life, right now.


At some other level of existence, whenever at the basis of your being, you really are an angel. – At your soul level you already are this virtue, you are this chosen angel. You are this reality as long as you are convinced of really being it and are aware of the possibilities inherent at this level of your real origin. You are this reality whenever you act freely, while staying consciously connected to your origin. You are it anytime you remember to sincerely connect to your origin, and let yourself be inspired by it, keep being it and remaining consciously and enthusiastically connected to it. For the sake of any spiritual growth that you sincerely want to accomplish during your life-span, you can become any angel you intend to be by simply choosing to have the qualities of that angel, while concomitantly acting accordingly.  Since you are already endowed with the necessary free will, you can become the active expression of this chosen virtue. You can become at will the angel of this virtue.

Time is ripe now to actively express being this reality in your day by day life. Make it your decision: – fully integrate it, take it, experience being it and live it. Become the angel of this chosen virtue. Let it manifest, impress and change the quality of vibrations inside you and all around you. Let it manifest. Experience the feeling of letting it flow freely far away from your physical boundaries, radiate and become known by others. Let this quality move freely through you, let it impregnate every fiber of your being, let it act and creatively express itself through you. Allow it to influence favorable your life. – Let it create that new reality of your being this angel for the benefit of the life-force inside you that lingers to express itself, and for the benefit of all that represents this life around you. Let it make a difference in the quality of your life and those around you.  

Let it change what needs to be changed. Let it become the dominant quality that represents what you really are, in whatever you experience, think, feel, act and express. Allow it to penetrate and transcend every level of you, and translate this in whatever you do. Let it become active through you by making it an actively living quality.  Allow it to imprint itself into your actions and change yourself accordingly. Allow yourself to actively change the quality of life of those people surrounding you. Make it yours forever. Master it, become grounded in it and relay on it. Joyfully and enthusiastically hold on to it and express it with as much force and vitality that you can engender. Live it fully as being the reality which expresses itself on every level of activity through your entire life.


“Part 3”

Now, take another look in the mirror and feel/see/or imagine being this angelic representation of your chosen virtue. Let it be.  That’s right!  It is You in all your magnificence!. Enter and experience the sound vibrations of your voice and at the same time locate the feelings in your physical body. Begin by saying it to yourself several times in order to get used to it and listen to the quality of your voice while saying it.

“I’m an angel!” “I’m the angel of ____________________”

 (Fill in the name of your chosen angel)

Be aware of the feelings that arise while saying it. Begin by saying it aloud to yourself, while listening and hearing the amount of convincing “Life-force” present in your voice.

“I’m an angel!”  “I’m an angel!”  “I’m an angel!”

Keep playing with the voice until it begins to sound natural to yourself. Put some more feeling into it and be aware of the results.  Keep increasing the feeling level.  See, feel what a difference you can make!!!

“I’m an angel!”  “I’m an angel!”  “I’m an angel!”

Say it in your hearth, say it louder and with convincing life-force. Sense this resonating in different parts of your body and feel what it does to your entire system. Play with this feeling of being an angel and give yourself freely to the flow.

Immerse yourself totally in it. Clearly visualize yourself taking the new form of an angel while continually saying:

“I’m an angel!”  “I’m an angel!”  “I’m an angel!”

Flow along with it and let it open new realms for you, new vistas of awareness. The awareness of being an angel, the awareness of being this specific chosen angel. Say it aloud.

“I’m an angel!”  “I’m an angel!”  “I’m an angel!”

Now, try it with increasing enthusiasm and be aware of the difference in the new feelings involved. Repeat it hundred times, and once more; continuously be aware of how you feel while saying it.

“I’m an angel!”  “I’m an angel!”  “I’m an angel!”

Imagine yourself, as clearly as you can as a soul-body of light, and visualize yourself as an angel in this soul body of light. Be aware of your feelings while the angelic representation of yourself takes place.  Feel it in your body, feel it with all your body. Feel the sensation of slight movement beginning and arising in your newly acquired wings… Yes!  Feel your wings taking form. Feel them in movement.

“I’m an angel!”  “I’m an angel!”  “I’m an angel!”

– Sincerely begin to believe that you really are this angel. Believe that you are the personification of your chosen virtue.  Believe you are entitled to be an angel by birth-right. Believe that you already own this quality to the extent of putting it into practice in your everyday life. – Believe that you really can do so whenever you like to. Listen to the inner voice inside you that continuously repeats.

“I’m an angel!” – “I’m an angel!” – “I’m an angel!”

Fully immerse yourself in this quality. Be convinced that you totally own it. See and feel it streaming with your blood, moving through your entire body.  Feel it flowing freely in every cell, nerve, organ and bone. Feel it filling every aspect of you. Let yourself create this new reality. Just listen to and be aware of your feelings, and allow yourself to be totally immersed in those feelings. Enjoy being an angel.

“I’m an angel!”  “I’m an angel!”  “I’m an angel!”

By now, you have already created your angel “energy-reality”.  From now on, as the angel you already are, you can depart with ease from your body, if you wish to do so, and return back into it, whenever you like to do so. You are totally free in your intentions and movements. While being this angel, you become unconstrained by your material body, by time, or by space. Past Present or Future are not limiting you anymore. You can fly on the spot, to wherever you intend to be. You can be anywhere and everywhere and see or do whatever you want to see and to do. You are a moving angel, you are free to do so at will.

“I’m an angel!”  “I’m an angel!”  “I’m an angel!”

Visualize being it, and believe that from now on, you are totally impregnated with this quality. You have it in the blood, your hearth beats its rhythm, every fiber of your muscles pulsates with it,  You breath it into your lungs, You think it. You feel it. You become inseparable from being it. It completely enters and impregnates your entire system.  You became it. You represent it. You really are an angel.  You are so full of this quality that you can abundantly radiate it all around you, at will.

“I’m an angel!” – “I’m an angel!” – “I’m an angel!”

Be convinced that you really are all you feel that you are right now in this very moment in time. Hear yourself saying:

“I’m an angel!”  “I’m an angel!”  “I’m an angel!”

Enjoy the new perspective of your entire life. Give yourself permission to rejoice in the totally new feelings that continuously surge your system. Be totally aware of the feelings in your entire human complex. While enjoying the new feelings, let this energy flow wherever it wants to, or to wherever it’s needed, wherever there is some work to be done, and feel it, continue to feel the change. Feel that feelings!..

“I’m an angel!” – “I’m an angel!” – “I’m an angel!”

Allow yourself the luxury of being free of any constraining boundaries. Give yourself freely to the flow. Let yourself experience the flight to other realms.  Become used to it.   Widen your horizons. Become creatively inventive. Get the new perspective of seeing things simultaneously in their entirety, totality unlimited, seeing them from the perspectives of different levels of awareness, seeing them “as they really are on that realm”. Allow yourself to fully enjoy this experience.


No need to hurry away from this experience. Rest and rejoice in the awareness of being an angel for some more moments and then, return back into your physical body, be and act in the here and now. Decide to remember it often. You may meditate whenever you like and enter on more profound realms of this experience:

Part 4

And now, it’s time to return!

“Return to be feet-grounded again”!

Part four:

Know and accept the facts that:- You are an unique and special living entity-complex that can decide by itself to live its life according to proper, particular and personal-accepted principles.  You own your inner territory by birth-right and are personally self-responsible for whatever you decide to allow entering it.  Your personal growth and development depends on your inner experiences and feelings, that can’t feet into words without loosing in their quality. “Your inner life is your particular territory and propriety”. You created it at will, and you can live in it accordingly.  Your inner reality is yours, and you alone may decide on its behalf or about its borders as being a strictly, particular propriety not to be shared or exposed to any external intrusion, influences or critique. So… you may decide to keep it to yourself, “totally out of outside reach” if you like to.


Beyond your inner experiences and feelings, you are living in a Practical-oriented world, that may become antagonistically and even aggressive to whatever is uncommon to it.  Continue to be totally aware of the outside reality surrounding you, under its all aspects of positive or negative manifestations. Decide concerning the limits of acceptance, decide what you accept, to allow it, and what not to allow it to enter your personal territory, and/or accordingly, decide to completely refrain from freely sharing whatever is the domain of your personal feelings and experiences.


“Further Practicing;  Angel-Like Possible, Awareness-flight”.

“Awareness imprinting”

Chose an “anchor”, some “reflex-reminder action” that you do naturally,  frequently and instinctively during the day, (like the drinking of water, or, looking at your watch,) So, whenever you perform this action, remind yourself to practice the awareness of being an angel also even for little fractions of time. Make a practice out of doing it several times each day. Do this especially during the morning hours, at the beginning of the day and in the evenings, before going to sleep.

“Be Creatively Imaginative”.

You may even experience seeing yourself as an angel, while living this body and flying to the Source of your origin. – See yourself going to the Source, recharging with life, the needed Life-energy and returning back into this body at will. – Go to the Source in this specific angelic-form whenever you have selected to fill yourself with  Life energy,  Love energy,  Peace energy,  Healing energy,  Happiness energy, (whatever you need at the time,) and then, feeling recharged, return back and reenter your physical body. Whenever the subtle body becomes strong, the physical body follows through.  Replenishing your angelic body with original energy several times a day means, to heal it at the level of the angelic body and by this, to heal your physical body too. The energy you receive in your angelic body being at its essence “pure soul energy”, will flow by itself wherever it is needed for its healing quality in your physical body. Be inventive wile adopting and experiencing with many more ideas: Now enter the consciousness of being the “angel of purity”. Connect to the source of your origin and charge the angelic body with the energy of the source of purity.

Connect to the source of unconditional love.  Fill your angelic representation with the rays of purity and then, while living this body as the angel of purity, let those rays of purity radiate the place in need of that energy and after doing this, return to re-enter your physical body.

Try inhabiting the feelings of being a powerful angel. Choose being “The master almighty angel”. Now, while in the angelic form, flow over a city and while flowing over this city, let “the rays of “might” spread out abundantly to all persons in this city and then, when finished, return back to re-enter your physical body. Share your experiences if you feel doing it: Write down your lived experiences. And meditate on what you’ve learned about while experiencing riding the flow of your “Creative Expanded Awareness”.


“Creatively Experiencing with more New Ideas”:

– Being the Angel of Peace, ask yourself what is it the most needed thing in your immediate neighborhood and choose to be the angel that represents the healing solution for this imperative need. If peace is the needed thing, enter the consciousness of being the “angel of peace”. Stay for a while in the awareness of having these qualities. Connect to your “origin” in order to immerse yourself in the rays of peace, then, as representing the angelic peace, go out and fly wherever peace is badly needed. There, let the rays of peace shower down over the entire area.


Let the ideal of peace stream and settle down in the hearths of people, erasing and annihilating any divergences. Let the miracle of peace melt away the aggression. See smiles of contentment flourish anew in the eyes and in the hearts of people. Let it bring healing to their hurt feelings and hope for a better, peaceful future together. Let their hearts fill with unconditional love for one another and see the hearts strengthening in the love for each other, in compassion and in understanding. Let them rise in their love in the consciousness of being brothers and sisters of the same loving father. Let discord vanish forever of the entire area and make room for unconditional love to establish its reign forever.


Rejoice in this vision, then, return-back to re-enter this body. Feel whatever comes and enjoy! Continue to Meditate. Inquire yourself about how you feel about being an angel? Now, begin to imagine the new life in front of you. Imagine “the new angel that’s, you”, going through life with this wonderful quality. What does it feel like? What new ideas enter your head? How do you see “Life” from the perspective of “the angel that you are becoming or you already are now”? Imagine how to find uses in your life for the acquired virtue? What are your plans for using and sharing it with others? Now, that you already know how it feels when doing it, keep experiencing and allow yourself to fully enjoy it…


“You fully deserve it by your birthright”.



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Game created by “beyond” on 11.02.14.

Creatively playing around with words at random!

 A proposed new creatively-writing free-game: Leave self-critique out of the game whenever creatively playing around! Playing around with words that hold meaning by themselves, is a well-worth game to be played on purpose. In order to let the creative free-flow to re-arrange itself, and show you the real power that random words may have, when freely-playing with them. Words do arrange by themselves and become meaningful for you while playing around with them. The following is only an example of free play! You may like it or not, in the same measure in which you are allowing yourself to creatively freely-flow with what may result out of this play. Comments are amply encouraged and you can send anything that you arrive at, while playing with words in a free-flow creative way. Have the courage to be creatively-free and see what will result out of it! You can never know until you have the courage to tray it! No more constraining writhing rules of Grammatik or even spelling is to hold you from becoming creative in expressing yourself! I am curious to receive results from all of you, and who knows what may came out of this! Believe that you can succeed! Fear to give it a chance and tray, may hold staked you on the same place forever!



Have your life

In front of you to look-at it while

Every minute matters

Quite a


Just have the courage

To tray and see

What can




” Let’s Love-ourselves again”!

That is what I may propose to you, for the next try-up,

And see what this may bring towards in return to yourself!

Cause’, it all depends on you alone: No one can help, but only you!

Life is exactly whatever you have succeeded in making out of it


And even from now on!

In order to further survive,

We need to have it work in our favor too,

And since complaining is not anymore a reliable help

We urgently need to change gears now, and to

Behave totally, and differently.

In all that, concerns our

Situation because, it

All depends

 On us



See what it may happen when

 Not adopting this proposed-alternative attitude?

By not adopting this urgent, needed-solution

The opposite of it, can truly happen,

In your life, meaning;

More and


More of the same

Unwanted and unneeded aspects, being bothering or

Continually present in our diminishing

And constraining living



We Urgently need considering


And relearning






The ultimate awaited

And possible favorable solution, to be

Adopted, whenever in need,

To give a real fight

In order to

-S U C C E E D-

In what may-be a way-out, from any unpleasant

Encountered situation, and from its further

Possible development, or continuation!

Because it became already

Unsupportable to






And has already lasted too much!

We have to make an end to it,

The sooner, the better!

We had enough

Of it, by now,

And Time





To do

Something against

“The now” seams to be

The proper time to act, to fight and to win!

We need to re-comfort ourselves,

 We need to balance between;

The way we feel now,

And the will

To arrive



The right answer

 To contra-annihilate

Any of these adverse negative

 Influences, difficult to be further tolerated!

All these Interfering bad-surrounding vibrations,

That are urgently asking for an imperatively

 Needed solution, for an attitude

To be urgently-adopted”,

“And practiced

By all of



To be a real change against;

What abounds our “day, by day life now”,

And knows no more “law-borders” these days anymore!

Trespassing all which is dear to us, and

Violating by this; our personal


And even



 Got accustomed

To them, because we hade

Not been at that time, properly equipped with

All the necessary resources or tools,

 In order to act and react


But now;

They may succumb

In their effectiveness to have a further hold on us,

Or on our well-being, because now;

And from now


We have

Become determined

To make an end to this forever!

To change whatever does not serve us anymore,

Cause’ change, is inherent in all of us,

And has to be adopted by us

Whenever, badly needed.

“We can reach-up

And become


More what we really are in potential,

 On top of all, though,




Inner latent-resources,

And begin practicing the force of

“Really and totally self-loving ourselves”

“As the only possible basis to arrive

At ever loving others too!”


Let’s love!..

Let’s love again, because’

Love is good for a healthy being.

Let’s love again because of its wonderful feeling

To cherish, to have and to nourish this love

For ourselves first!

Let’s begin

To love ourselves forever

In spite; – no matter what ever!

Let’s love ourselves more, and even much more than before.

Let’s love ourselves much more then ever!

Let’s love ourselves in spite whatever!

Let’s love ourselves



Fully love

Ourselves because

We care


Let’s amassing plenty of love,

In order to easily and freely give it away

To others in need for it, but know beforehand that;

You can only give from what you really have,

In totally abundance, by yourself.

Plenty of it,

Abundantly possessing.

And only from this; you can share!

While sharing is meant to improve the

Self-worth in your-own eyes and hearth!

Let’s love ourselves much more then ever before!

Each day that we live let’s self-improve

In laving ourselves more, and see

What may happen

 In return



Asking continually is

Helping in order to receive a

Confirmation about the questioning!

So, do you really love yourself?

Can you evaluate

How much?



If these following

Exercises, or examples, can make you

Think or even conclude, that,

You do not feel the same

Love to yourself

Like before.


Bother in arguing

Or  in trying to auto-convince,

But instead; – remind only to your-self

About the times when you had felt self-loving yourself!.

So; you may “Imagine “living-anew” those feelings just now,

In the present. “Experiencing” is the needed key,

That will open the proper door to the treasure

Of loving yourself more,

More, than even,

Ever more!


Any time before!

“Exercising in loving yourself”

Is a must, in succeeding to “sincerely”

 “Ever Love yourself forever”, no matter what!

 So; arrange a “quite-setting”,

That will help you

Be in touch


Yourself alone

First, then; let’s get-back into

And try to contact your feeling of love,

 Once more, then ever before!

Just now!



Or lying down,

Make time to “relax and totally let-go”!

Nothing specially need to be done

 Now, nowhere to further go,

But Just letting go!

Totally letting




Allow yourself to follow!

Allow the needed time for enjoying loving yourself.

Something that you new in the past but

Have been forgotten for a long time.

Remember to relax,

Once more,



Any segment

Of remained worry.

To take a few quiet-long and full

Deep breaths, -“S-T-R-E-T-C-H”- yourself along!

And then a little-beat more,

Than ever before!



Begin to enquire”!

Be with your body-feelings,

Devoid of any outer or inner chatter, or any

Unwanted intruding and




Any other

Sort of un-wanted intrusion!

Let go of anything that you do not specially

Need at this moment in time, and begin by questioning

Yourself about the forgotten feeling of self-love!

While asking yourself: – Can it be re-activated?,

Can it be learnt or even re-invented

If you haven’t known about,

Or experienced the

Feeling of it






By believing that

You are able to reach this end,

Whenever you will sincerely intend!

Because “Loving-yourself” is already

“Ingrained into yourself by nature, and by

Your “birth-right,” and has to be experienced

And lived to “Your fool-enjoyment”

During all your life on earth.”

 And this is the real



Spite of;

Your knowing it

Already, or not knowing about it

Until now at


Then; begin

By internally asking your body

About the feeling of love Inside of yourself?

Reclaiming it anew; – this feeling just now, – and even patiently

Waiting for the body’s answer concerning the really

Feeling of “self-love, towards yourself”,

While eventually Imagining,

 And reentering this

Feeling just




Knowing beforehand

That self-love does not depend

On what you do,

Nor does

“Self worth” or

“Self-appreciation has to”!

Nor does we need ever, pretend knowing

The exact reason for our “self love”,

As a motive, or as an excuse

For loving ourselves,







Feeling to have,

To cherish, and to nourish!!!

Love is a “well-deserved nature’s-gift”

To all of us, and you included!

“Self-love is a “self-ingrained,

Native-reached and

Well deserved



Not something

That we must hardly

Strive for, in order self-earn it.

There is no place for the illusion of

 Self-hate inside of any one of ourselves,

Nor is anymore, inside of any-one of us,

But, there is always plenty enough room for

“More fully loving ourselves first”, and then;

“Loving the very Life we are living just now”

 Wile fully enjoying the company of others

Along and together with all of us.

Moreover, even tough,

We may not know


About it.


Inside of us,

We have plenty of

“Potential Self love”,

For giving-out




Of others around,

So, to you also included!

From what we may


In excess!

Loving ourselves

And sharing this love:

Loving to love, while sharing

It with others in need, is making room

For more abundant love to be felt inside.

There is more than enough, of what ever we may

Need, or want to have for ourselves alone.

Therefore, to give it away is necessary!

We have amassed quite enough,

With others around.

In constant




Cause ‘love is

A natural God’s treasure’s-gift

To any-one of us, in order to be known

Experienced, learnt and fully

Enjoyed during our

Entire life


While properly used!


Nature’s standards are being very

“Exigent” in demanding, our reached experiences

In exchange to our knowing that whatever

We may want has to be proportional,

To whatever we really need,

So that “Harmony”,

Is meant

To be maintained

“During our entire life” because:

“Experiencing brings real knowledge”

Based upon “expanding our awareness,” in order

To arrive at receiving whatever we intend

Having or whatever we need

And we are asking for;

And because

We are

Asking for it,

In a proper way,

It shell be given to us in doe-time.

But as always may happen

Whenever we want

To know more

About all



To be known,

We have to reach for

The needed experiences

Far more then we are allowed, to reach

Information, to S-T-R-E-T-C-H yourself more

 In order to become






“Making use of a mirror”

Begin by exercising mirroring

The self-generated feeling

Of love towards



Is the very

Best known-way to determine

Whether you love yourself.

Enough or not at all.

So, set the place


 Begin to

Looking into the mirror.

Looking deep into your own eyes,

As long, as you can, or you need, in order to feel it!

Look as if you can see right through,

 Towards your own “self”.

While looking


Inside your eyes!


“Then, notice how you feel in your body,

What thoughts, or sensations,

You may have, while

Doing this and

Saying this





“I really love you!”

“I sincerely love you”!

Saying it whenever possible,

To say it, even several times, in a row.

I love you sow! – I truly love you!

And I am pretty sure that

“The more I-am

Saying it,



I love myself

Much more then



Here may be

The needed and convincing key!

To say it to yourself as often as you are able,

With quite enough self-love, with self-appreciation,

 Until you get the feelings along your entire body!

In  saying it enough until your feelings

Of self-love are over-abounding,

 And then, and only then,

You can know

 For certain


Your statements

Are holding the real-truth

About yourself,

And that,


Are far from trying to convince,

Nor are you lying to anyone or even to yourself

About It




The real-feelings

Speak out for yourself along

Your entire-body.



What ever you are saying

And at the same time strongly believing it,

As being, or as representing the real meaning

That you are attaching to it, while also becoming aware,

About any corresponding, concomitant feelings, you may have,

Or experience anywhere in the body, as being sure-signs of

Incontestably and complete body responses,

To whatever we can consider

Or experience as being

A real-pleasant,


That you


Be totally

Immersed into for awhile!

This kind of “wonderful, self-love feeling”,

Treasuring it, and keeping it forever

“As an-ever lasting good-feeling”

That has to be forever



Rehearsing with and,

Continuing to succeed, for your own-enjoyment

During the entire life-span





The Beyond Awareness “Angel Cards”

© 1997 – Created and designed by “Beyond”




     There is a saying that reason being a human characteristic, is limited while intuition is limitless. Intuition depends on extended awareness to “what is”, which goes far beyond what we commonly and reasonably perceive. It is the highest form of spontaneous connection with the source of all knowing, that can be established by human beings. It is that “Awareness-connectedness” by which we know that we know, whenever we really know.

This inner knowledge stands higher than reason and is something that reason is not able to reach, attain, or even try and succeed to explain. Our interpretations of what’s happening around depend on the level of awareness by which we consider the reality that we focus at. So, what is real for us and what isn’t, pertains to personal interpretation or appreciation and depends on the level of our own personal awareness. The interpretation of reality is changeable and takes the form that is proper to a specific level of development at a specific given time.

Since little children, we have been continuously told that human life is full of problems. Supposing that is so, a question may arises: – where from do all these problems come? Are these problems imagined or real?

Reality depends on the point level from which we are looking so, the reality of human problems depends on where are we situated when we look at them.

The problems we think we have point out to the level of awareness we are at this moment in time. Facing the problems with the tool of the reason in order to solve them, or get out of them, doesn’t always bring us the answer we await or we need and that is so because, being ourselves at the level of the problem gets us over involved in what hurts at the moment and that obstructs our capability to see the many aspects of the so-called problem.

Problems always mean possibilities to learn something from. All what we name as being “problems” are but “situations” that we are faced with as an unique opportunity in our development, in order to learn something we badly need to know for our development.

Switching perspective can bring new ideas. Switching channels, or asking for advice, means changing perspective. This new attitude may give us the hints we need for what is seen as a difficult situation, so that change can emerge in real time by deciding to take the right action.

When thoughts are going round and around, – whenever you feel that reasonable thinking doesn’t get you the needed answer to solve the situation that bothers you so much, – when at a cross-road and can’t decide which way to take, – when you are uncertain about the outcome of the so called “reasonable” direction you intended to follow, – whenever in doubt about anything or anyone, and even your best friends can’t help, – when your steps are not firm and reaching a solution seems to be too far away, – then, you may want to make room for the intuition by asking for advice from the Beyond Awareness – “Angel Cards”.

The Beyond Awareness – “Angel Cards” are reliable because they can connect you directly with the realm of intuition inherent in each one of us. The Beyond Awareness – “Angel Cards” belong to a higher dimension, a higher perspective of things, another realm that holds all the knowledge.

That knowledge which stands “beyond” what we reasonably pretend to now. So, whenever in doubt ask the angels’ advice and get it by working with the Beyond Awareness – “Angel Cards”. You may ask them anything you want. You may ask: – what is awaiting you today, what the future holds on for you tomorrow, or point to some more specific formulated question, then, meditate on the answer and see what insight intuitive message you get.

Why Angels?

Whether they exist as a reasonable reality is not the point here. Angels are the reality of some other higher dimension you may want to encounter and know better. What stands in the way against contacting angels is always our reasonable mind. If you are new in all this a little preparation will be necessary. We all have this innate gift hidden inside of us.

There is a hidden treasure house, an “all knowing” part in each one of us that leads the way and chooses the right experiences at the proper time in order to develop, get enriched and open the awareness to what is supposed to be the reason and meaning beyond our life. Some of us came to this life prepared to contact the realm of angels and others aren’t prepared yet.

Seeing or contacting angels is a given gift, a sort of revelation and some of us come into life already prepared, more open to it then others.

Our “reason” guards us from going “out of reason”, by negating what ever it fears, doesn’t understand or is unable to reach.

Open mindedness is a quality. Letting intuition prevail means becoming open to receive the inner knowledge. Attaining inner knowledge is possible by the willingness to become unreasonable at will, get read of the reason on behalf of openness of mind. Knowing how to receive means knowing how to open ourselves in order to receive.

We, human beings are seldom thrown apart between reason and feeling. We are feeling oriented human beings that try to reason about what we are not able to understand. Unfortunately, the key of reason is unable to open the door to the inner awareness, the door to the spiritual path. The very realm of angels is closed to the reason but it opens to the heart and the feelings.

We all have this innate gift provided we don’t reasonably negate the existence of what we don’t know yet. If you don’t see angels yet, that doesn’t negate their existence, nor is this meant to be an impediment in getting their help. The truth is that you are in the presence of angels and receiving continuous help even when you are not aware of them. The fact that you didn’t believe they even exist, created a perception barrier between you and any possibility of contacting them or allowing them to manifest for you.

In order to be aware of their existence you have to open your heart, to open yourself to the opportunity of creating, first the intention of contacting them and then, allow them to manifest themselves for you. Their eagerness to help is so great that any little sign of acceptance from your part will be enough.

Asking for advice is where you can begin contacting your guardian angels.

Just ask for advice by playing with the Beyond Awareness – “Angel Cards” and be open to receive the help of the angels. They are here for freely giving you healing and support the very moment you need them. They are forever eager to help.

You may want to choose the angel that is more appropriate for the kind of question or the need you feel having, or you may want to contact your guardian angel. Whatever your intention is, that will determine the results you achieve.

How to contact with angels? How to get the hints you need?

The Beyond Awareness – “Angel Cards” are especially designed to make the contact easier for you. So; give yourself permission, open the flow of creativity and allow yourself to feel what does it mean to ask for support. Take time out for a moment to sincerely concentrate and scan inside yourself to find out what really bothers you, to detect your needs and wants, or your dreams to be attained, to realize, to have or to be.

Chose one of the topics in which you want advice, and formulate a question for whatever occupies your mind at this very moment. Be clear, specific, and ask one single question at a time.

The one card method:

Conviction comes from setting the stage with appropriate feelings, so, make the will of contacting angels a ceremonial play. Be creatively open to intuition, and formulate some question or even write it down on a piece of paper in order to focus your mind on it more easily, then, while concentrating on your question, shuffle the cards, spread them face down, and without delay let your hand be guided toward the card that seems to want to be lifted by you, and there is one single card that really wants that. Turn it face up and get the word written down on a piece of paper. The message you just received stands for the answer to your inquiry. It may be clear by now, or it may be not. In fact, it is a symbolical encrypted one word message, that holds more information for you than you may think it does.


Sometimes a period of gestation may be necessary for your mind to grasp the meaning of the message, so, don’t rush and don’t be tempted to immediately ask more questions on some other topics. Instead, get inside yourself, and meditate on the word you have just received. Connect to your feelings and see what you get. When finished, give gratefully thanks for what you got up to this moment in time, close the pack of cards for a while and put them to rest in a clean place.

Opening up to intuition:

Now, in order to take more out of it, begin playing with the word and build sentences at random, until there seems nothing more left. Don’t rationalize, be free of criticism or judgmental attitude and for the moment, write down what ever comes. Any combination of words will open its meaning for you in due time.

Playing at random with the word you have got opens new vistas that begin having more meaning connected to different hidden aspects of the question and its possible solutions. By now, awareness widens and you begin to see the help you are offered. When you are ready for it, will intuition pop out at the right moment lightening the brilliant facets of the knowledge and only then, it will be more than clear what it is all about.

The three cards spread:

This spread model is arbitrary for any complex situation for which you can define three stages of possible development. For example: You may be wanting to get some more specific advice concerning the development of a situation in physical time. So, card #1 stands for the overall situation. Card #2 for the present time, and card #3 for what the future may hold. Now, you’ve got three words to play with, meditate on, making sentences with each of them, and then allowing to the intuition to do the work for you. It’s that simple.

Instead of working with the printed cards, we offer you the possibility to play the card game by pushing the buttons bellow:

Return To The Cards.

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Congratulations for enjoying consulting the Beyond Awareness – “Angel Cards”.
Now it’s the proper time for meditation and the Inner work!!!!


More About The Holistic Creativity #31

Prints1 (107)# 31  (Enunciation of topics to be further addressed!)

 More about –



Enunciation of topics

to be further developed:

The Holistic Creativity approach.

 “Clarifying to you the purpose of being alive is a must!”.

 The “Holistic Creativity” series

Aims at attaining 


Of all the aspects of the holistic Man, 

On all the levels of his potential possible development.

By working with 

Creative energies on the physical, 

Emotional, mental-intellectual and spiritual levels.


 The Holistic creativity

Is based


The inherent creative potential of mankind.

“It aims in helping you become aware

And make full use of the resources

Laying dormant inside

anyone of us

At our disposition”.

“The Holistic approach towards life”:

May help you to rediscover anew,

The long-forgotten “innate-creative-potentials”

At your disposition, finding thus;

“The universal binding-unity”

Which lies


The diversity of every-day’s life’s aspects”.

 The “Creatively active attitude” to life means  

 “The active Involvement in all the aspects of your-own life”.

 “Creative orientation”.

 “Taking an “active-part” in your own life”,

By “being and Becoming-Aware of “the Purpose beyond life”,

While “Expressing Creatively” the “Positive Aspects of this life”.

“The direct-involvement in life is determined by our-attitude to life”.  

And by “The Total-Involvement in life”

Through “Creatively-Expressing this Life”.

2) – The “non-creatively”attitude,

(Or passive attitude to life,)  

Is being characterized by 

“Watching life passing by you”.

“The all  available Life-Force finds expression

Through free and-active-expressed creativity”.

 “The attitude to life pertains to “the quality of the life force, (vitality)

That stands at our disposition”.

“The amount of streaming life force present in us,

Is “directly-proportional” to the quality of our


 “Being Connected” 

Living devoid of creative expression

Is a common known reality which can be encountered

In every days’s life.

But, why aren’t we making full use

Of the potential creativity at our disposition?

And how can this change in our favor?

This can be done by “Going inwardly to met ourselves”.

 “Arriving at the awareness of experiencing

And by knowing the source-origin of life itself”.

Learning “to reconnect to the source of Creative-Intelligence, 

To this “Life-Force” present inside us, demands;  

“Closing-oneself to the “bad influences around us”, 

And “opening-up” to the source of

“Inner-Creativity”, by “re-evaluating” the “inner-resources”

Dormant inside us, and by learning how to use them

On the day-to-day life’s basis”.

 “The Expressed and E-liberated “Life-force” equals

“The manifested creativity”.


That means; “Being and becoming totally “Alive”

And Expressing

“The full-potential-creativity”

In every domain of our day, by day activity”.


 “We were fortunate to be born with huge creative potentials”

“In expressing the “life-force” flowing through us”.

 “We are Born To Experience Life”.  

“We are Born to Enjoy Life”. 

“We are Born 

To “Live and Creatively-express  Life” 



“Universal potentials & Human potentials”;      

“By finding the means of alignment with the stream

Of the universal potentials”,

You may arrive at “understanding and creatively-expressing”

“Who” and “What” you really are”.


 “By directly experiencing the potentials at your disposition”.

“By re-discovering who you really are”.

 “By creatively expressing “the life force” flowing through you”.

 You can do this indeed, and even more,

“By rediscovering “the big-amount of creativity at your disposition”

 “By giving free “creativity-expression” to the “life-force”

That underlies all your activities”.

 “The process of “coming home again to ourselves”

Is based upon “Living a Creative Life” 

“By consciously Creating

The sort of Life we would like to Live”. 

“Creativity is conditioned by the full awareness of being creative”.

“And by Rediscovering our long-forgotten creativity resources”.

 “We Have The Power “to Re-Connect to the Inner-Roots of Creativity”  

That Are Always Present Inside Us”. 

“Rediscovering and Knowing Ourselves”

As being “Potentially Creative by nature”, and going

“From Inhibition towards “The Full Potential Use of our Creative-Resources”

“To The Consciousness of “Being-Alive”, and “The Feeling of


“Creation”.  “Creativity?.  and “Holistic Creativity”.

“Unilateral and Multilateral Creativity”.

Man as a Conscious Creative Entity.

 “Life”, as Seen through the eyes of Creative Free-Expression”.

We are capable of choosing between “being totally involved

In our own life,

Or watching life passing by us.

“Creativity and Expressed-Vitality”. 

 “Life is a question of your own “perspective” in considering it”.

“Life is for you the way you think/feel that it is”.

“Your Life depends on your own Attitude to your Life”.

“Awareness of your Origin may bring a change

in your Attitude towards your Life”. 

“Changing perspective means a possibility to change the way you perceive.”

 “Changing attitude may change your way of Perception”.

 “There are two main possible attitudes to life: 

“Active” and “Passive”. 

“Developing and learning to know and use

“The feeling of Well-Being”. 

“Your happiness depends on you alone”, based on the premise that,

Anything “you intend and want” can be attained”,

As long as it is “life-oriented”,

“And sustained by enough “thought determination”

“And will-force”.

“Being and feeling trapped between Contentment and Happiness”


“Why aren’t we content?

 “Being Happy, Rich, or even Content and Healthy”,

“Totally depends on “The way that we allow ourselves to Think and to Feel”.

 “We are the inheritors of heaven living on earth”

“In the same measure that we think and feel that we are”.

“We are born to be happy and rich, free and content”.

“Are we”? 

“We are rich, but we don’t know that we are and behave,

And act like being beggars”.

 “We have the inner-resources to create “the Pygmalion” of our success”,

“And to build our own destiny, by “re-connecting anew” to

“The main source which is always present in us”.

  “We are endowed by nature” with the possibility 

“To Think/Feel, to discriminate and chose”.  

“Choosing and deciding about all that happens to us”,

“By choosing the patterns of our thoughts and feelings”,

 And “our attitude-towards whatever  

We face on the way”.

“Being creative and expressing “full active-creativity” is being “a must” 

In “enjoying and maintaining good health”.


“The double “Sense-road” of Holistic Creativity”

Equals between; 

“Health and Creativity = and “Creativity and  Health”.

Opening the way for The  “Creative-Health” and the

“Creative Healing Program”.

 Using “the tools of Holistic-Creativity, for “Attaining”, “Regaining”,

“Maintaining” and “Enjoying a Creative Life”


“The “Now” moment in Time is being “The Creative-Potential Quality”

Of the “Present Time”.

“Living in the “Now Moment” means;”Creating the present, – the way you

Would like it to be”.

 Creating thus; “The moment by moment future to come”.

“Love and Creativity” , 

“The tool of “Self-Support” and “the Collective-Understanding” of “Each-Other”

Is based and relays on “Mutual Love and Support”.

“Being in love”, “loving and making love” 

“From Love and unity” to “love and diversity”.

 From “The Idealization of “the love-attraction”

Towards “the animal and common carnal-attraction”

There are levels and levels that Differentiate between

The Evolved Human Complex,  and The Animal world. 

 “Altruistic Love is based on self-love”. 

” The keys to open the hearts and interest of others,

Lies in “loving and respecting yourself first”.

“You can’t love at all if you don’t love yourself first”.


 “Love and Creativity”. 

“Using Love as a working tool”, “The way of a joyous love life”.

“Inside Harmony” as a Precondition to the Outside Harmony”.

“Going From the Individual aspect towards the Collective aspect of Love” 

Means: “Promoting love in all our undertakings,

 It means “rising on the wave of Life itself, on “the Supporting wave of Life”,

By becoming and being full of love” and thus; “Reconnecting

To the Universal Harmony, through “The Universal Love Feeling”.

 “Opening towards “Creative-Relations” 

Through,”The Malty-level Communication”,

By using  “The Free-Creative-love-Expression”

In all that you feel /think, express and do.

 “Regaining inner harmony through giving and receiving

“Unconditional Love”.

Using creativity techniques, to regain health.

“Reprogramming ourselves creatively”,

“Meetings with ourselves on a Creative-ground”.

“Esoteric creativity”

The Link which can Reconnect Man as a “human being”, 

To Man as a “Spiritual being”.

 CREATION & Creativity.

“Creativity on the level of the Human Complex”, 

“Man and nature”. “Man and his inner organization levels of

Development and creativity”.

“Innate creativity”.  “Potential creativity”. ” Applied creativity:

“The Creation. as The Highest levels of creativity”.

 Creativity and “Holistic Creativity”.

Going “From Inhibition towards

Full Potential-Use.

 Working tools & Levels of work.

Towards What to aim and Where to start?


And the “Practically-Moving” 

“Towards Unlimited Creativity in Expression”

 “Every field of “life-expressing,” Or “Life-manifestation”

Can be the “Fertile-ground” for the creativity “to Burst”

And “To manifest” its content through “an Adequate form-expression”.

 Multilevel Creativity.

Levels of activity.

 Directions of activity.

Creativity on the level of the Physical body.

 Creativity on the level of the Mind,

And Spirit.

Through the use of

 Emotions. Feelings. Thinking.

Intuition and Creativity.

 “Multidimensional and multilevel-Creativity”.

Life and the Creative Expression and Enjoyment.

Multimedia and the creative expression.

 “Man as a creative center”, You, as the center, in manifesting,

Applying  and spreading creativity, in every activity”.

 ” The Human body and the Creative Movement”.

Living creatively, and Working creatively.

“The Creative activity

And the creative rest and relaxation”.

 “The natural Relaxation and the Creative relaxation”.

 Thinking and the “Creative thinking-process”.

 Knowing how to get read of what is against growth and development.

The awareness of your potential origin may help you realize that,

“You are the only one that can make a difference in your own life. 

“Being aware of the purpose beyond life, 

You are entitled to realize the coming true of your real expectations”. 

“No one can change you, but only yourself”.

 “No one can do it for you, but you alone.”

“You are the only one that can realize and make

The-most possible out of yourself”.

 “You are the only one “that can make a difference in your own life”, 

By becoming aware of “who you really are”, and “what are you supposed

“To attain in this very life, that you are living  just now”.


 “Using creativity “Evolved techniques”, to Maintain or Regain health”.

“Reprogramming ourselves creatively”.

“Meetings with ourselves on a Creative-ground”.

“Learning to know and understand, the multiple aspects of the “Unknown-Us”.

“The awareness of living creatively”.

 Getting up in the morning, Living creatively the new day in front of you.

Creative care of Yourself.

 Planning the creative new day, Hygiene, Nurturing,  Creative Nutrition.

Eating. working, resting, relaxing, sleeping, dreaming,


Between Choosing and doing.

The feeling of “Being Trapped” between Doing what you have to do

And  loving whatever you are doing.


  Choosing to do “in Life” what you like to do is “a Must”

That  is rewarding and worth attaining.

 Being content and a happy, creative and productive.

Creative communication.

Inner and outer communication.


Creative Involvement in possible levels of expressing.

You in direct rapport to others, Love and Understanding.

Creative relationship, Creative love, Creative sex, Creative relaxation.

“Creative meditation.

“Esoteric creativity”, The Link which can Reconnect Man

As a “human being”, to Man as a “Spiritual being”.

CREATION and Creativity.

Creativity on the level of man, Man and nature, 

Man and the inner organization of his levels.

Development of creativity.

Innate creativity. – Potential creativity. – Applied creativity:

“The Creation. as The Highest levels of creativity”.

 Creativity and “Holistic Creativity”.

Going “From “Total-inhibition, towards The Full Potential-Use

Of your innate Creativity.

 Working tools. Levels of work. Where to start?


And “the Practically-Moving Towards Unlimited Creativity in Expression”

 “In Every life-expressing field of manifestation”, may be

 “The Proper “working-ground” for creativity “to manifest

Its content through form-expression”.

 Multilevel Creativity.

Levels of activity.

 Directions of activity.

 The Physical body.

 Mind, and Spirit.

Through the use of

 Emotions. Feelings. Thinking.

 “Multidimensional-Creativity”. “Life and the creative enjoyment”.

Multimedia and the creative expression.

 “Man as a creative center”.

You, as the center, in manifesting, applying  and spreading creativity, 

In every human activity”.

 “Creative Movement”. Living creatively. Working creatively.

 Thinking and the creative thinking-process.

“The Creative activity and the creative rest and relaxation”.

 “The natural Relaxation and the Creative relaxation”.

Knowing how to get read of what is against growth and development.


“Learning to know and understand,

The multiple aspects of

The “Unknown-Us”.

“The awareness of living creatively”.

 Getting up in the morning.

Living creatively the new day in front of you.

Creative care of Yourself.

 Planning the creative new day.

Hygiene. Nurturing.

 Creative Nutrition.


Working, resting,

Relaxing, sleeping, dreaming,


Between Choosing and doing.

The feeling of “Being Trapped” between

 Doing what you have to do

And  loving what you are doing.

  Choosing to do what you like to do.

Being creatively productive.

Creative communication.

Knowledge, and  recorded knowledge.


Inner and outer communication.

 Creative Involvement

In possible levels of expressing.

You in direct-rapport to others.

Love and Understanding.

Creative relationship.

Creative love.

Creative sex.

Creative relaxation.

Creative meditation.

Inside sources/outside sources and resources.

Possibilities and limitations.


 Being ready to give and to receive

“The Stress and strain accumulation”

and the possibility of getting out of the vicious circle,

By re-finding the forlorn source,

Always present

Inside us,

And “the coming home again

To ourselves potentials” .

“The Logic-Trap of knowing”.

“The borders of our knowledge,

And how to get beyond them?”.

The logical way of knowing.

Science and truth.

Reality and imagination.

Intuition and where does it come from?

Inspiration and the internal muses.

(Patterns of thought.)

“The hidden treasure”.

Creatively Investigating your potentials.

Learning to learn.

Understanding what is All-about.

Learning to remember.

Feeling, and  being aware

Of the existing reality

And harmony.

Discovering your own creative resources.

Creatively Investigating

Your potentials.

Learning to learn.

Learn to give and receive.

 “Between Logic  Intuition and Imagination”.


Between Reason and Feeling”.

“The Dominant Functioning side of our Brain,

as the Responsible part, for our General-Well-Being,

Successes or Failure”.


The outer and the Inner knowledge.

The meeting-ground

And the 

Borders to the outer knowledge

 The inner knowledge.

Knowledge, and  recorded knowledge.


Creative thinking and

The possibility of “using Creative-Intuition” 

As the connecting link

“To the very source of all existing knowledge”.


“Experience in widening Awareness”.


The Real Knowing is through experiencing”.

 “Questioning our knowledge”.

Where is “the source of all this knowledge”? 

“How much do we know and  How much can we know”?

 “Energy and Reality”.

 “Forms of energy”. “Detection”
“Experiencing and” and “proper Use of”.

 “The process of thinking”.

“The Thinking Process as an “Expressed Insight Energy in Movement”.

“Borders and handicaps to our way of thinking”.

“Reality” and the Conception and Perception of reality.”

 “Levels of perception”.

 “The dabble brain-and The dabble mind”.

 “Trapped between logic and intuition”.

“The conception of reality and the double Mind”.

“The dominant functioning side of our brain”,

“As the responsible part”, 

“For our general well-being”, 

“Successes or failures”.

 “Directions of Possibly Development”:

“Trapped Between

Vertical and Horizontal Development”.

“Taking responsibility

For our Thoughts, and Acts”, 


“Taking Responsibility for Our Well-being”.

“Our responsibility in choosing

The “direction”

“Of our decisions and movements”.

 “Life and its Purpose, as dictated by the level of our



 “Recorded knowledge”.

“Knowing by detection”.

“Knowledge through intuition”.

 “Time perception and it’s Influences”

“Global time and linear time”.


“Real time, Illusion-time”.

“Past, present and future”.

“The two brains and the different time perceptions conceptions”.

 “Time as a left-side brain interpretation

Of logical reality”.

The Sight-side’s  brain conception of time”,

And its implications in expressed creativity”.

   “The past and the future”.

 ‘Re-Creating the gone-past”.

 Why doing it? and- How can it be done”?

  “Living simultaneously

On different time scales”.

“Acting and working

In different time/scheme-divisions”.

” Thinking”.

“Borders and Handicaps of our way of thinking”.

 “Creative Thinking”

And the possibility of connecting

To the very source of all existing knowledge”.

 “The ecology of thinking”.

“Creating positive thinking as a means of mental hygiene”,

Versus the pollution way of thinking”.

 “Recognizing and “being aware of the pollution


The very moment it happens”.

 “Mental hygiene”,

 Physical and emotional hygiene”.

 “Awareness Development”.

“Being aware”.

 “Experiencing”. – “Understanding” . “and Knowing”.

 “The conception of reality”

And the double mind workings”:

“Right-side brain conception of time”

“And its Implications in Expressed creativity”.

“The General Show”.

“The Reality of living Life”

“The Role We Come here to Play’.

“Being an actor in your own show”.

 “The script”, The player”

“And the role to be played”.

“The Setting and

Our role of the general play”.

Knowing the ” What For” of our being here”.

“The puppet show”

And who is pulling the strings”?

 “Directions of Development”.

“Vertical and horizontal development”.

“Life and its purpose”,

As dictated by the level of development”.

 “Working tools”.  “Levels of work”.  “And Where to start”?

 “The physical body and its limitations”.

“The Physical body”.

“The Sense Organs”. “The Inner Senses”.

“The Nervous system stage

Of development”.

“Choosing the right time and conditions”.


“Body conditions”,  “Education”.  


“Belief-system”. “Rhythm of development”.

 “Signs on the Way”

“Believing and making believe”.

“Knowing to differentiate between

“Making believe and the universal truth”.

 “Ways in Finding the Truth”

The “real” and the “imaginary” in advancement”.


The attraction force”.

“Telling lies”. “Gathering force and influencing” .

 “Who’s leading  you on the way”?


 The sources  of Energy”: 

“Stilling energy”.

“Loosing and Depleting the energy levels”.

 “The “Ego-trip”

And the “false” development”.


“Ending the day Creatively”.

“Creative planing” of the next day to come.

 “Sleeping and dreaming”.

“Creative sleeping”

And creative planning of dreaming”.

 “Dream Creativity”


“Being creatively busy”.

 “Extending your levels of influence”.

“Extended Creative Awareness”

Towards moment by moment  activity”.


And the “day,by day”,

And “moment, by moment” practical activity”.

“Remembering to enjoy life.

“Remembering to live life and to chose 

Enjoying your life”.

“Remembering to breath”.

“Remembering to be and stay healthy”

And maintaining good health”.

“Remembering to be happy”.

 Practical Development.

“The vertical development and

The horizontal development patterns”.

“The aspirations and the ascending spiral in development”,

“Growing on the horizontal level

Of development”.


“Creativity means

 Free thinking,

 Free behaving, and  being and feeling free”.

“Advancing in creativity”


“From “self-healing” to;

 “Helping people heal themselves”.

 “Dealing with

Stress & Strain and the “None-Creative aspect”.

  “Creative ways in understanding of ourselves and of

The world around us”.

 “The Positive and the negative aspects of Creativity.”

“The positive aspect of  creativity”

(you name it)

“Making a list of what you feel/think

As being positive and/negative”

In the possible 

“Creative expressions of these moods”:

“The negative aspect of creativity”

Is always connected with the expressing of;

Problems, stress and strain, divergence, critic,  complains”,

Accusations, blaming others”,

Unsatisfactory  moods, negative thoughts”,

Feelings and emotions”,


Iillness, pessimism”, 

“etc. etc”…


 “Awareness of  The Creative-Potential”:

“We are far more than what we express now”.

“The Ecology of living  a totally healthy Life, 

 And, “How to creatively find the quietness”,

“Among all this surrounding noise”.

“On what depends  living and enjoying our Life?”

“Exercises in

“Inquiring concerning how yow think/feel”

On a scale from 1″ to 10″

“Between thinking and feeling”.

 “Accepting and enjoying life”,

 Being content and happy about your life or,

Criticizing and complaining” 

About what is -going on in your life,”

On the scale from  1_10

“What is – “The contentment level”

“Enjoyment level”.

Or “the  happiness level” 

of your life”?

“Thinking and feeling”,

“Caring for your well being”.

“The expression of the actual awareness level”.

 “Feeling and thinking interconnected,

and “how to manage this”?

“Knowing to make the difference between;

“I think the way I feel”,


“I feel the way I think”!.

What we are is far more

then what we think and feel

that we are”.

 “The Real Us, – The Unknown-Us,  The total Us  and The Ideal Us”.

The all-Purpose and the “beyond-purpose” of being alive”

“The longing for What? 

And The awareness of being what

We really are meant to be”.

“Creativity” and – “The Holistic Enhancement Program”:

“The Holistic Enhancement Program”?

 “What is it, and  how it works”?

 “The Program is designed for regaining wholeness

By way of rediscovering,

Recuperation, and making full use

of the dormant possibilities inside all of us”.

“The program deals with You ,

As the Meeting-ground

Between all aspects of yourself”


“The active process of  

“Creative Self-Expression” on all the possible creative

Ways and methods of known and intuitive Creative ways”.

 “The Active Creativity program “,

Under “all its multiple and possible aspects” 

May becomes for you  

A “practical” and an “easy to use way”

For expressing yourself

In “what-ever you intend

And decide to do

 Or to creatively express “. 


“The Active Creativity Program”

May become at your will,

The ultimate “Meeting Ground” 


“All the Creative Resources and

Aspects of Yourself”,

On – ” All the Levels of 

Their Possible form-Expression”.

 Unilateral and Multilateral Creativity.

“Outside sources,  inside resources”.

Possibilities and limitations.

“Preparation”. – readiness.


 “The body its Creative Capacities, Resources and/Limitations”.

“Physical Body. – Sense Organs.

 Inner Senses – Nervous System – State (stadium) of Development.

 ‘The  multiple coexisting  components within the physical body”.

“The expressive needed techniques

And conditions”.

“Using The right and proper time/place and conditions

For self expressing”.

“Advancement into Effective Creative Expression”:

“Expression is being conditioned by “the quality of the life force”,

“The Inner existing vitality”

And the rhythm of active development”.

Creativity Signs on the Way towards The Creative Expression.

“The Real and the Imaginary in Advancement”.

“The “Ego-trip” and the false Creative

Auto-Evaluation of Development”.

“Free Creative Expressing” 

 “Creativity is behaving like a free-flowing and

Enjoying bird, unconstrained by any conditions”.

The Real Creativity of all sorts is tendentiously free by its nature, 

 Cannot be Constrained, Conditioned, 

Limited or Confined”.

Under Any form”.

“Creativity is that Quality of New and Inventiveness in Content,

In Conception and in Form-Expression”.

 “Anything that Man does can be done Creatively”,

Or devoid of any amount of Creativity at all”.

“Creativity-Expression is encompassing all domains

Of possible Fields, Levels”,

“And  Possible forms of Expression”:

“Creativity is The New and the Inventiveness in conception

and in Form Expression”.

“Thought Creativity – Feeling Creativity – Conceptual Creativity”

“Fields and Levels of Possible Creative Expression:

“Realistic creativity,  Creativity and Imagination”

  Dream Creativity, all Media Creativity”,

 “Theoretical or Applied creativity”,

And more”…

 “Man is a potential Creative born creature”!

“You, as the centerin manifesting and spreading

The expressing creativity,

In every activity”.

 “Fields and Levels of Creativity”.

“Any field of expression can be, and can become a

Creative expressing field”.

“Constrained and unconstrained creativity”

 “What” and “Where” are we”?

“Levels of Activity, Directions of Activity.

“The Physical body, Mind, and Spirit,

Emotions,  Feelings, Thinking, Imagining, Acting.

 “Multidimensional Creativity,  and (why?) Starting at the body’s level”?  

“Body, movement and creativity,  Applied Creativity in Movement”.

 “Living Creatively,  Working creatively”.

“Thinking and the Creative-thinking-process”.

“Activity and the creative rest and relaxation”.  

“Getting up in the morning,  Living creatively

The New day in front of you, Going to bed in a creative way”, 

 “Sleeping and dreaming, Creative Dreaming”.

 “Life and The Creative Enjoyment”, 

“Multimedia and the Creative-expression”,

 “The “Creative Holistic-Healing program”:

“Health and creativity”.

“Creating and Recreating Health-Patterns”.

 “Building-up Energy and maintaining Creative-Health New Energy”.

 “Using the tools of creativity  for  Attaining, Regaining,

And Maintaining good Health”.

“Living  a creative life”.

“Life , seen through the eyes of 

Creative Free Expression”.

“Creating and Enjoying the sort of life you would like to live”.


“Living a harmonious life”.

“Love and creativity”.

“Creative relations, Communication, and

 The “Free” Creative Expression”.

 “Inside Harmony” as a Precondition for

The Existence of “The Outside Harmony.”

“Planning and Creating” .

“Knowledge, and  recorded knowledge”.


 “Creating the “long-Longed” Inner-Harmony”.

“Discovering the the secret beyond inner and outer harmony”:


Beyond Comforting Meditation #101

Etching1 (27) 

It’s twilight time!.

Emerging out of twilight,

A totally brand new–day springs-fort with its abundant,

Bright-sparkling, brilliant light.

A new day starts its birth from scratch

Just now, in front of my eyes

A fully blissful new day begins its birth-appearance.

Perfectly, successful, announcing its arriving

In the favor of all my undertaking plans

A day of harmony,

A totally positive and successful day.

A fully inspired, elevated day in spirit,

A joyfully, smiling contentment day.

A day for love and joy, intense vitality,

And high-vibrating energy,

A day of abundant poise,

Sustained enthusiasm,

Exult and creativity.

A day intent for expressing

The bursting joyful feelings,

Abounding myself just now.

A day that feels good and inspired,

Full of positive energy, health,

Power and vitality.

 Capable, inventive, original,

Efficient, and creative.

What a wonderful ideal good feeling

Just now, in this moment in time

I’m sensing

The awareness of plenitude and wealth,

I’m sensing my belonging and connectedness

To nature,

To that eternal beauty and harmony

Which underlies the entire universe.

I’m fully aware of all these pleasant,

Internal body sensations

And allow myself to freely flow with them,

To positively give them creative form-expression

During the entire day long.

My awareness overflows with wonderful feelings

Of inner knowledge,

The feeling of connectedness and belonging,


Awareness of self and surroundings.

I’m experiencing a highly focusing acuity,

A clear understanding mind,

A forceful memory,


Determination and sensibility

Towards what’s happening.

I’m experiencing life in all its aspects

Of manifestation.

I’m experiencing the forceful vitality

Freely flowing through me.

The energy in action,

Giving and receiving Life-full

Potential expression.

I’m experiencing the flowing through me

Of throbbing, life-expressing energy.

Plenty of energy awaiting to be

Creatively-free expressed.

I believe in free self expression,

Self-potential and self-capability.

I totally love and believe in myself,

Expressing optimism,

Success and the joy of living.

Enjoying and appreciating life

In all its multiple aspects.

Smiling at life

I have plenty of creative good ideas

 I am and feel full of energy, full of

Forceful-applied and expressed creativity.

 Vigor, strength, and perseverance,

Successful, accomplishment of all plans,

Vitality, certainty and contentment.

I experience life-enjoyment up to the end.

I feel totally connected to the universal treasure of creativity,

Wonderful moments of freely creative expression,

Abundantly flowing through me.

I like to share these moments of love,

Joy and harmony that abundantly enter my life.

Awareness of purpose, Goal setting,

 Making plans, holding on truck,

Determination and perseverance

I experience the awareness of abundance

That underlies the whole universe.

The freshness of feeling forever yang in spirit

And the joy of living-life with plenty of enthusiasm,

With purpose and big goals to be attained.

The need to self-express my innate creativity,

To give totally free expression to new ideas,

To dreams that are meant to materialize,

To become real.

Planning and giving expression,

Forceful, industrious, fully active, persevering,

Progress, accomplishment,

Abundance and success.

Joy and happiness.

Self appreciation self worth, growth,

Enthusiasm, talent and free expression.

Order, careful planning,

Organization, initiative, efficiency,

Success and enjoyment.

Intention, focusing, concentration, accomplishment, realizing,

Following through and enjoying results.

Wisdom, knowledge,brightness, intelligence,

Awareness and clearness of mind

It’s twilight time!

Emerging out of twilight,

A totally brand new–day springs-fort with its abundant,

Bright-sparkling, brilliant light

A new day starts its birth from scratch

Just now, in front of my eyes,

A fully blissful new day begins its birth-appearance.

Perfectly, successful, announcing its arriving

In the favor of all my undertaking plans.

A day of harmony,

A totally positive and successful day

A fully-inspired, elevated day in spirit.

A joyfully smiling contentment day.

A day for love and joy, intense vitality,

And high-vibrating energy,

A day of abundant poise, sustained enthusiasm

Exult and creativity.

A day intent for expressing

The bursting joyful feelings abundantly filing myself just now.

A day that feels good and inspired,

Full of positive energy, health, power and vitality.

 Capable, inventive, original, efficient, and creative.

What a wonderful ideal good feeling.

Just now, in this moment in time

I’m sensing the awareness of plenitude and wealth.

I’m sensing my belonging and connectedness to nature.

To that eternal beauty and harmony which underlies

The entire universe.

I’m fully aware of these pleasant internal body sensations

And allow myself to freely flow with them,

To give them creative form-expression,

 I’m ready and happy to joyfully-embrace

The new arriving day.

Good morning to all of you,

Wherever you are there!



Self conscious-awareness (exercise 2.)# 28

Portrait1 (23) #  28



You are changing all the time,

but “pay-attention”

about the direction and the rhythm of your change.

 You can chose to be active and totally involved in the way,

and in the direction of your own-change.

“The only existing moment in time is the “now” moment”.

 Change begins and ends with “every moment in time “,

and time is passing-by

with every moment of “now”.

Time never returns on itself again.

Like beds on a string; – your life is a continuum of “now-moments” in time.

Change  has a beginning, a development period, and an end, and then; it’s to late to interfere.

It’s your own life on-going just now, in this very moment.

Don’t live your life on the chance alone.

Take an active part in shaping it the way you will like it to be!…


“You have the needed potential to change into what you allow yourself to think and feel”!


“You are the creator of what you want accomplished”.

“It all depends on you alone”!


“What you tell to yourself is what you already are /or on the way to become and then, realize being it already”!


“You are and you can become what you allow yourself to think and feel”!


“Self Conscious-Awareness is The Art of Changing Yourself into What You Really Are Already”


“You have the power – believe it and do it”!


Change begins in consciousness first, and materialize as an act of will that has become a living reality for you. 

Change is an act of vision and empowerment.

 Change begins in consciousness first, by the awareness of accepting, appreciating and loving what already is, just the way it is now.

“Life is the vibrating-dynamic-of-change by its origin”.

Any actual situation is but the “stepping-stone”, for the realization of the envisioned-self-willed change!

So, begin by loving yourself first, “just the way you are now” and then; -envision the Change Into

“The New You” and “enthusiastically

go totally for it”!


Copy and Hand-Write the above sentences on sheets of papers until you feel that the hand goes on by its-own continuing  its writing while at the same time, enjoying the job.

 Enjoy the flow and the rhythm of your hand-writing.

Feel-good  about what you are doing and what this is doing to you in return, on the long run.


Put these sentences every place that your eyes can catch their presence and thus,

remind you about their importance.

(exercise #2.)

The secret in realizing any intended change is: – to read and to chose what you accept first, and then to hear yourself saying it to yourself with different intonations and feel what are your reactions to what ever you are saying. It is like rehearsing a roll in your self-transformation act. You are engaged into the act of becoming whatever  you intend to be.

Do it in front of a full-length mirror. –  Watch your attitude and posture, while doing it. – Find what is more convincing yourself.  Be serious in rehearsing your self-made success. – It is up to you alone. – Convincing yourself first is “the only-key” that can open any encountered door on your way.

Say it until you feel at peace and accept “that” 

as being your-own- nature!.

 On some other plane of existence you really represent what you are saying with totally-conviction.

“Try to say it to yourself and mean what you are saying”!..


So. let’s begin the journey into,

“becoming what you say to yourself”

by convincing yourself that;

“you really mean it when you say it aloud to yourself”!..


1.  I enjoy looking in the mirror at the reflection of myself.

2.  I think of myself the way I really am, and I love the look of myself.

3.  I’m totally aware of all aspects of myself and I unconditionally love myself.

4.  I see myself the way I look and I like all that I see.

5.  Whenever I’m looking in the mirror I like what I see and I’m at peace with what I see.

6.  I like the way I look. I like the way I feel. I like the way I think.

7.  I am totally aware of all aspects of myself beyond all that I see, sense and feel.

8.  I know myself and I like and appreciate myself the way I really am.

9.  Whenever I look at myself in the mirror the feeling of love and appreciation for what I see impregnates me.

10. Whenever I look at myself in the mirror, I like what I think and feel about myself.

11. I like myself enough in order to unconditionally love myself with all my heart.

12.I’m totally aware of the qualities of myself and I’m fond of myself.

13. I’m content with myself the way I am, and I’m content with all aspects of myself.

14. I like the way I am, feel, think, behave and express who I am.

15.I love and appreciate what stands beyond all the levels that myself expresses it.

16.I’m aware of who I am beyond myself, and I like being and creatively representing that.

17.I’m at peace with all aspects of myself and I like myself in all its manifestations.

18.I like the harmonious way in which my body moves itself.

19.I like how my body feels about itself and expresses the feeling of itself.

20.I like my body. I like the perfect and harmonious functioning of my physical body.

21.I like my healthy body. I like the calm and the self-assured postures of my body.

22.I like the vibrant, young and healthy expressions and attitudes of my body.

23.I like feeling good in my body and feeling good about my body.

24.I like the young way I look and behave. I like the look of myself.

25.I like my body. I like that I always think, feel and look younger then I am.

26.I like the way I look and feel about myself. I like every part and every form of my body.

27.I like my stature. I like every muscle, every cell of my body, every bone in my body.

28.I like every organ in my body and I’m content about my body and its functioning.

29.I accept and unconditionally love all aspects of myself.

30.Moment by moment I’m happy with the way I am.

31.Moment by moment I’m happy with the way I feel.

32.Moment by moment I’m happy with the way I think.

33.Moment by moment I’m happy with the way I see and appreciate myself.

34.Moment by moment I’m happy with the way I look, feel and think.

35.Moment by moment I’m happy with what I am and how I am.

36.Moment by moment I’m happy with who I am.

37.I like the way I relate positively to whatever experience comes my way.

38.I like the way I think, feel and behave. I like the way I smile.

39.I like the look of my face, I like the young look of myself.

40.I like feeling 30 years younger then I am. I like the young behavior that I express.

 41.I think young, I feel young and I’m young.

42.I’m thinking, feeling, and behaving 30 years younger then I am.

43.. I’m functioning 30 years younger then I am.

44.I’m in love with the way I behave, feel, think, react and express what I really am.

45.I like the vitality and contentment that my eyes express and reflect.

46.I like feeling good about myself and whatever surrounds me.

47.The smiling attitude increases and expresses my feelings of happiness and contentment.

48.I like to express my contentment by smiling at myself and at the entire world.

49.I can handle with ease whatever experience presents before me.

50.I know how to make peace and live in peace with all aspects of myself.

 51.I know how to make peace with all that surrounds me.

52.I’m in a good mood all the day-long, every moment, every minute, every hour, and every day.

53.I’m in a good mood when I’m going to sleep, and when I’m awakening in the morning.

54.My good mood prevails all the days long, during all the weeks and months of the year.

55.I like thinking young and I like the abundant feeling of being young that my body expresses.

56.I like the harmony of my body and I praise my beloved body for its good performances.

57.I’m content with myself on every field of manifestation and on every level of expression.

58.I think of myself as being perfect in all aspects of my being.

59.I am wonderful, and I’m content with myself in every way.

60.I am consciously connected to all aspects of myself.

61.I like my young, healthy and strong body.

62.I like myself being content with all the aspects of myself.

63.I unconditionally love myself just the way I am.

64.I’m accepting and loving myself totally and unconditionally.

65.I like all that I see about myself, and I’m content with myself just the way I am.

66.I like myself for being committed to attain and express perfection in everything I do.

67.I like the way my body functions, behaves, feels and expresses.

68.I’m content about the way I look, feel and think.

69.I’m content about what occupies my mind.

70.I’m content for being able to see the perfection in everything there exists.

71.I’m content for being able to detect and appreciate the existing perfection all around me.

 72.I’m content to appreciate and express the harmony in everything there is.

73.I’m content for my openness in accepting all there is just the way it is.

74.I’m content and at peace with whatever is my share for this given moment in time.

75.I’m content about the ways I progress, change and develop.

76.I’m content al the time. I’m content moment by moment, every minute, every hour and every day.

77.I’m content about my feelings of harmony and happiness.

78.I’m content for envisaging the continuous change and development which is underlying all creation.

79.I’m content for being at peace with every aspect of myself, and with all that surrounds me.

Sleep, Dreams and Awake.

80.I’m going to sleep feeling content about the day’s happenings and activities.

81.My nights are calm and relaxed. My sleep patterns are restful and my dreams are pleasant.

82.I’m awakening in the morning feeling and being totally and fully content of all aspects of myself.

83.I’m awakening full of creative energy looking forward to be expressed during the wonderful new day.

84.I’m content of being creatively active and free to express positively my contentment.

85.I’m expressing the contentment feelings about myself by every action I’m engaged during the day.

86.My days are happily filled with contentment concerning all the life’s learning experiences.

87.I like all aspects of me. I like “Who” and “What” I am, at the basis of what I think, feel and express.

88.I like to express the Life-force which fills every cell of my physical body.

89.I feel full of life-energy and I like to express the Life force that abounds through all my feelings.

90.I like the Life force which inspires my thinking with positive, creative ideas.

91.I like giving expression to all those creative ideas that are intuitively life inspired.

92.I like the vibrant feeling of being creatively alive which finds expression in all that I feel think and do.

93.I like being actively busy, so, my interests are being expressed on multiple levels of expression. I am naturally attracted to actively express the ongoing life force present in me, in all that I do.

94.I am aware that being life oriented, all my activity is creatively life-expressing.

95.I am joyful and enjoy the fact that my interests and concerns find creative expression in all that I do.

96.I’m aware of my being vibrantly alive and fully creative in all that I feel, think and do.

97. I believe in myself and I’m always in good terms with all aspects of myself.

98.I like the understanding and the harmonious connected-way   between all the levels of myself.

99.I’m directly oriented in self-awareness development which concerns all aspects of myself.

100.I am conscious-aware that God’s creation is expressed-perfection  manifesting through me.

101.Life for me is a positive chain of experiences that I fully and totally appreciate and enjoy.

102.I’m aware that “quality life” depends on quality guarding ecology on all life’s levels of manifestation.

103.Moment by moment I consciously see, detect and choose to enjoy life’s harmonious manifestations.

104.I’m deliberately keeping myself away of whatever seams to be in dissonance with my real nature.

105.I choose to detach myself from disharmony so that I remain unaffected by whatever happens.

106.My real nature is love and harmony, so my life is love and harmony-oriented in all its expressions.

107.I consciously choose living in harmony with all that is life-supporting and enjoy myself doing that.

108.I know that I’m given plenty of opportunities and the right to choose and decide between them.

109.I’m deliberately choosing love and harmony as the lighthouse shining on my life path.

 110.I know the ways to choose being detached and not interfering in what doesn’t concern me directly.

111.I’m choosing and embracing only the positive aspects that are life oriented, life promoting and life-expressing.

112.Being at peace with myself, I’m totally accepting how I am, what I am and who I am.

113.I’m living in perfect harmony with all aspects of myself.

114.I unconditionally like myself, I’m content with myself and I unconditionally love myself.

115.I have good feelings concerning all aspects of myself.

116.I love myself and I’m proud of myself on all the levels of expression.

117.I like my physical body, and I like and accept the ways my body moves, acts and behaves.

118.I like the feelings of my body, and I like the vibrant health that my body radiates and expresses.

119.My body expresses the perfect-harmonious functioning on all the levels of its constituent parts.

120.I’m fully aware of what stands beyond all the levels that life manifests itself through me.

121.I feel continuously flooded by life energy that finds creative expression in all that I do.

122.Being aware of who I am, fills myself with positive self-appreciation as a solid basis for my creativity.

123.I like and appreciate the positive qualities that I represent.

124.I like that I’m good intended, smart and clever.

125.It is this intense love of myself that is responsible for the way I look, feel, think and behave.

126.My way of feeling about myself brings joyful-happy impulses of creative expressions into my life.

127.I enjoy living a life of full and happy creative self expression.

128.I fully enjoy the feeling of the life force that underlies all aspects of my self-expression.

129.I enjoy giving expression to the life force that flows abundantly through every cell of my body.

130.I’m happy and content with my good mood that fills my life and underlies all my actions.

131.I feel forever connected to the life force that flows and impregnates my being.

132.I am forever charged with the qualities of my true nature and feel unconditional love for all aspects of creation.

133.All my actions are impregnated with good will and express the unconditional love that I am.



“The Common Link”. # 16



1] The Common Link

(An Introduction to Creativity)

Curiosity, most of the time, is a shield we humans use to hide behind, whenever we don’t want to bring into the open the real questions that we are interested in finding an answer to; I hope that the reason behind your decision to read this blog, is more than simple curiosity.

The common link for your interest may be that, like many others, you too are in search of something… I want to reassure you that you are not alone in this search. The common denominator is that we are all together in this moment in time, in the same boat, which we generally call “Life”. However, no matter what we call it, one thing is clearly relevant up to now: together, we share the illusions of life, which are but a byproduct of our way of thinking and feeling.

While meeting in the physical realm of life, perhaps we share together also the dissatisfaction concerning what’s going on within us or perhaps around us. We share the feeling of not being content with what’s going on in our own lives.

We would like it to be some other way. We would like it to be the way it is not, and we are trying to make that happen, but our efforts are in vain.

2] The Illusory Conflict

It seems that we have created a very deep gap, a sort of conflict between what we expect from life and what we get out of life. Somehow, deep inside us, we know for certain that things are not going the way they should. We would like them to be different. We all badly want to find solutions to our situations, to improve the circumstances of our lives. Yes! There is certainly a conflict in our life, but why is this both an illusory conflict and a real conflict at the same time? I hope to answer this…

3] Deep Rooted Beliefs

Deep inside ourselves we feel and think that there must be a way to change everything we don’t like, because we feel that we were born for something else. We hope for better. We believe that we belong to more than this, by birthright, and we continue searching for it. Underneath this common search there is always the hope that there must be some hidden meaning to everything, and if so, our knowing about that underlying meaning can lead us to the possibility of making changes according to our desires.

4] Is This Indeed Possible?

Everyone is after something else, and that something we are after is what differentiates us. Our common denominator is that we are all goal-oriented, whatever we do. There must be some reasons for what we are seeking to achieve. Our wishes and desires, our goals and aims, place us on the same plane as all the people who share the same desires, the same aspirations.

We are consciously aware of the fact that there is a common pattern of behavior related to the activity of satisfying our desires, and we conform to this pattern, by allowing ourselves to enjoy having our desires satisfied. However, no matter what the object of our desire, the moment we get it, our enjoyment is short-lived, and we eventually feel dissatisfied again. It seems that we are no longer sure about what it really was that we wanted and needed so much. And why is it that we do not feel satisfied when we have what we wanted? Then, we turn and look in another direction; we desire something else, we decide to go for it, and everything starts all over again, ending the same way – with dissatisfaction. It wasn’t really what we wanted, certainly not what we needed; and so it continues.

For years, ever since we have known ourselves, we’ve had the feeling that we have been missing some real target that must be behind Life. It seems that we are going around in circles and getting nowhere. We are making the same mistakes, again and again. It’s no wonder that we feel the way we do – disoriented. We are no longer sure about what is hiding beyond all our desires, what is it that we are after?

If there is a target, why are we dissatisfied when we reach it? Is our target real, and if it isn’t, then what is the real target? Is what we desire really what we need, or is there something else behind it that attracts us, but plays hide-and-seek with us?

When sincerely seeking to understand what is going on in our lives, we find ourselves circling around, following the same pattern of behavior and arriving at the same critical point, over and over again. So, the time is ripe to ask ourselves: Why is all this happening to us? What is wrong? Is it because of the nature of our will, our goals, or because of the way we think or behave? What is the recurring error, if there is one? Is there a correct formula of behavior that can bring long-lasting satisfaction? On one hand, we have this attachment, this desire, the drive to have something, but at the same time, conversely, we are oriented towards the other objects of our desires or needs. So; where is our mistake hiding? Should we not want to satisfy our desires at all? Should we not to want to achieve something at all?

5] Attachment versus Orientation

Being free of attachments is surely not the issue here. Our society is an externally oriented society. We were taught to search in the outside world for everything we need or want, and if we don’t find it, we are dissatisfied. Since the day we were born, we’ve learned that we can get almost everything we need from external sources, but only if we can afford to pay the price for it. And there is always a price for everything we receive. We always pay for what we consume, sooner or later.

Anything we get, we have to pay for it. And so, a pattern of behavior is formed: We demand, we receive, and because we paid for it, we have the right to give orders, to criticize, and so on. Whenever we can, we sit with our arms and legs crossed, giving orders: “You do the work for me, I deserve to be served, I’m paying you for it!” We’re playing the game of our life, and most of us play it without knowing its rules. We see life as some sort of business where we ask for what we want or need, and because we have to pay for it, that gives us the right not to be content, not to be satisfied, and to criticize it. We’ve gotten so used to this system, that it doesn’t occur to us to behave any other way. We’ve gotten used to the fact that everything has a value which translates into something that we have to pay, or give in return. Even love has its price. Each and every time we fall in love, there has to be a “because” behind it, and the nature of this “because” differentiates us from others. Are we reasonable people? What is the real “because,” that hides behind everything we want? Where does this “because” come from? And how are we supposed to differentiate between the “real because” and the myriad “false reasons” that populate our life’s universe, as excuses for everything that we feel, think and do?


6] Perceptual Differences

It sometimes seems to us that we are inhabited by several different people, all at the same time, all demanding their shares. There’s the one who wants and desires things to be done, the one who thinks and makes decisions, the one who’s against it all, the smart one who purports to know all there is to know, the one who gets things done, and the one who gets excited while things are being done. In addition, perhaps more and more of them inhabit us from time to time. Who knows?

7] Perception

Perception seems to be a tricky thing. If life for us is the way we perceive it, then life can be different for each of us at any given time. The differences in perception are responsible for all the differences we encounter in life. The way we perceive life is directly related to and dependent on where we situate ourselves when we look at it. Perception is colored by our personal conscious-awareness: there is the so-called “blind perception”, or “mechanical perception”, where the awareness is partially lacking, and there is the “creative perception”, which is the “awareness that is open” to “all there is” and to “why is it the way it is?”

The reason that we don’t recognize the differences in perception is because we were brought up like this, and we got used to the old system. So, why bother ourselves by constantly asking all those silly questions? Yes, we know that there is a price to be paid, but we have also learned that there are certain rules to this game, and because those rules are man-made, they aren’t perfect yet. So, you can buy advice from people specially trained in that field, who will teach you how to avoid those rules. So, you can postpone paying the price, or even avoid paying it at all. There are those who always pay, and there are those who know how to get what they want by manipulating others without paying for it. And this can be true for you too, for the time being, until you change it. Life is a funny thing, and a serious affair, at one and the same time. And it all depends on how we look at it, on how we see it, on how we perceive it.


8] We Live Life Exactly the Way We Perceive It

You can have it and enjoy paying for it, or, you can try to enjoy it without paying at all. (At least for the time being.) And if that is what you choose to do, and you believe that it’s okay, some surprise may await you somewhere around the corner, just to remind you in case you’ve forgotten about payment. We are always paying for what we do. Sooner or later we’ll have to pay for everything we received or did.

 9] What is Involvement?

To be involved means to be a part of something. Or to take an active part in something.  – Since each one of us is a human complex, each part of us, can be involved with something else at the same time. So, where does this take us? There is a sort of pre-established pattern that shows where we are at any given moment, and this is our awareness of the entire thought process, which stands at the basis of making choices and decisions. So, can we say that we are totally involved in what we do? Certainly not!. In most cases, our involvement consists only of our presence and our paying the price. It is always someone else who is supposed to do the job for us. Now, when things turn out to be the way they are for so long, and we are faced with unwanted results, it is only natural to think of some radical changes that ought to be made by us, when considering anything, from the point of; – from where does this coming from?.

The dilemma we are facing has its roots in the process of thinking and feeling. – How can we know the difference between what we want and what we really need? – We can ascertain this by inquiring at the basis from which our wants and needs come. What we find is that wants come from a materialistic basis, while needs are more purpose-oriented. That means that knowing exactly what we need may lead us to choose what we want, while deciding about the change that has to be made. And not the other way around. Change begins with our direct personal involvement through the act of thinking that generates the will to change. Real change presupposes that you already know that something is not as it should be. But, how do you know this? – You know it because of the fact that you aren’t satisfied with the results you get. You may know it by what you have now, which tells you exactly what is it that you wanted in the past and succeeded, or not, in obtaining it. You can also know that something goes against the universal laws, by looking at the efforts needed in order to attain it, or bring it to completion. Yow may know it also when it needs big efforts in attaining results, like the feeling of you’re swimming against the current. Change may arise from a number of conflicting motives that brought about the dissatisfaction: – Just criticizing and complaining will not bring about the required results.

Any intended change relies on some precise conclusions concerning the actual situation analyzed, and a stable orientation in deciding what it is that you really need? – Pondering about this question may bring into the open for you, what is it that you have to seriously consider doing about? Awareness presupposes creative orientation in planning what you need to do for attaining what you really want.  Awareness of all the aspects of a situation may or may not have ingrained in it the necessary orientation towards life’s purpose.

“When based on the acquired needed Awareness”, searching for what is wrong, knowing what you want, making an imaginary plan about what it looks like, where can you find it, how to get it, and only then; – comes: -“The Acting Part” with all the energy and determination needed, until the desired results are obtained. (The aims of Holistic Creativity, and the system of questioning employed part; that will will be discussed further on in time, a separate article.)       Change takes place in our consciousness first, before it is recognized as such in the reality of our surrounding world. Change is defined and brought to completion by a strong will combined with great determination. Knowing is a conscious process of data accumulation. Knowing includes being inquiring and widening one’s knowledge through comprehension of what’s going on. Being inquiring means questioning in all directions, it means internal and external questioning. Questioning paves the way to understanding ourselves, and by understanding ourselves we may be able to understand others, too. As long as we do not know and understand ourselves, there is but little hope of being able to understand others.

 10] The Art of Questioning

Questioning stands at the basis of knowing and understanding. So don’t take anything for granted. Ask questions. Ask them in order to get answers, and continue asking them even when you have already received the answer. You will be amazed to discover how many answers there are for the same question. But, moreover, you will discover the tool of asking questions just for the sake of asking them. And this is the funny thing that will increase your awareness and the discernment you need in order to perceive creatively. Knowing and understanding the ways that we think, feel and act is a must that always pays off.

Do we know what we really need? Are we sure that what we are after is what we really need? Is whatever you want what you really need? And if it really is, where should we search for it, and where can we find it? Now look around in all directions. Is man free, happy, creative, content, and at peace with himself and with all the people surrounding him? Has he attained the harmony he is entitled to attain, or is the opposite true? Where is the solution? It has to be clear enough for us so that our being content does not depend on whether or not we achieve what we want, (as we used to believe), but depends on what the object of our desire is. From our previous experience, we know that up to now we were collectors of goods, and that after getting them we realized that no longer satisfied us the way we expected they would. The results were contrary to expectations, and now, we are no longer sure whether we needed them at all. So, once more, we need to reach the realization that the real conflict we are facing lies hidden between what we want, what we get, and what we really need.

The cross-roads we arrive at by asking these questions allows us to realize that our dissatisfaction stems from being situated in this conflict, and thus, the feeling that we were born for something else begins to develop within us. From now on, it won’t be any help to pity ourselves for all this wasted time. All this has passed, and the time was spent on purpose in order to teach us something valuable.

We are fortunate that by nature, we can learn from our own experiences; if we don’t, we’ll have to repeat the same pattern again and again. If we don’t, we’ll continue to experience the same situation over and over again, until a time comes when we will know what it’s all about. It is our accumulated experience that is responsible for our being now, for what we are now. Where we arrived, and the place where we are situated at this moment in time, may be but a starting point for further new advancement. In order to get anywhere, you have to start somewhere, and our starting point will forever be the present “now”…

Every moment is another opportunity to start anew, if only we keep clearly in mind the direction in which we’re moving, according to our real purpose, which is the final target we wish and intend to arrive at. While living in the present “now”, we hope there is far more for us to come in the future. There is far more to be experienced, known and enjoyed, and this thought alone is enough to fill us with unconditional hope, at the positive starting point that is always our opportunity in the here and now.


11] Happiness

Is it true that we were born to be free, content and happy?  If so, where is the happiness we are longing for? What is happiness, actually? Where does it come from? Where does it hide? In what disguises does it appear? Where does it lead us when we try to chase it?  Happiness itself is not a target to follow! Whenever happiness becomes the target, the feeling of being dissatisfied arises as a byproduct of being ignorant. Man is creative by nature. By expressing the life force inherent in himself, man fulfills his purpose of being alive. Being alive is meaningful only when we are aware of the purpose behind life as a purposeful opportunity for awareness [to further expand and develop itself. Life is a conditional experience for us, and being content depends on what we understand about our purpose for being alive. Therefore, expanding in creative awareness is the key to our well-being and even to the dreamed-of happiness. When aware of his role on earth, man can be happy indeed.

Man is born to create his life the way he likes to live it: in peace, in harmony, with love and understanding, to live life fully and to enjoy it fully. Man is the only living creature capable of making full use of his potential, by his inborn right to freely express the life force present within himself, and by being what he really is: free and creative in all the domains of his activity. So, living a happy life is a question of orientation. If we point ourselves in the right developmental direction, we will enjoy life, but if we happen to aim the other way, we can mess it up completely. Looking around at what we’ve already achieved up to now gives a clear indication of the direction we were aimed at in our lives. If what this shows us is very different from what we like, and contradicts what we want, it is time to reconsider what we really need, and the direction of the course that we’ve been following. Furthermore, this has to be done by yourself alone. There are no options of finding ready-made solutions here.

So, happiness is ingrained in our origin. Happiness is contained in our own attitude. Happiness is a question of how we feel, regardless of what we have in our possession. Continue looking at the world, and learn from what you experience, but always keep in mind the fact that you should see them in a perspective of two opposing possibilities that underlie our being happy, content, and in harmony with it. See the motives underlying the happiness as not necessarily related to what we have achieved up to now, but to the direction in which we are heading. Life holds the solution to everything we need.

Life expresses itself through our creativity. The only way we can express life is by living it creatively. Being creative presupposes living “at full volume”, making full use of the innate potential in all the domains of life’s manifestation, it means fully utilizing all of the resources at our disposition. It isn’t important to know the statistics about how many of us really do that, or about how many are content with what they do and with where they’ve arrived up to now. And if we think or feel that we live in perpetual conflict between everything we expect from life and what we are really getting out of it, then we place ourselves on the wrong path and the chances to enjoy a happy life are null.

Being situated on the wrong path leads us to the incorrect conclusion that the way we live life is outside the realm of our expectations, and that something other than the expectations must be blamed. We all use the well-known conventional lies. We know that we’re lying to ourselves and to others when we respond, “I’m fine, thanks for asking.” Do we feel really fine? Do we have the courage to look at ourselves in the mirror and ask ourselves some direct questions? Alternatively, do we have the courage to look directly into the eyes of the other person and pronounce a frank analysis of the real situation we are in? It is said that: “All the experiences that we encounter throughout our lives are meant to teach us something.” Are we willing to integrate this teaching, which may also be the purpose of our coming here in this very life? What is it that we have learned up to now?

12] Freely Expressed Creativity

Although creativity is directly related to the possibility of freely expressing what we really are, what we really are is far from being manifested in everything we think, feel, do, and express, because we do not truly, fully express the life force in us, but inhibit its expression and prevent it from taking the form to which it is entitled by birthright. Somehow, we are holding back our life force. It can’t come out freely, because we are not free ourselves, we don’t feel free, and we do not behave as if we were free; we do not express the freedom of this explosive life force that is in the essence of us all. And this is so because we are continually under the bondage of extra stress and strain. We’ve become so used to this that we do not remember how it feels to be without it.  Being under the effect of stress is antithetical to being free. It means being sucked in to a state of mind that doesn’t leave us any way to truly enjoy our lives. Being free to express, and expressing, the life-force that is within us and permeates us, means being creatively free.

13] Feeling-Thinking and Thinking-Feeling

Stress and strain are diametrically opposed to life as we would like it to be, and as such, also to creativity. It is a known fact that we can’t be in two places at the same time. Everything that inhibits freedom is inevitably opposed to life itself, and thereby opposes the creative expression of it. In order to be creative, we have to get rid of everything that stands in the way of creative expression, to be calm and relaxed, to think healthy, positive thoughts, and to freely and fully enjoy life.

The act of creativity begins during and with the process of thought. So beware of what you think! Thoughts tend to materialize themselves. Being thought-oriented creatures by nature, we are and we become exactly what we allow ourselves to occupy our minds with. Well-being, good health and feeling well, are all directly related to creativity. They are interdependent and therefore they play an important role in the mind. Wherever your mind is focused most of the time, that is what you get accomplished. If we have not been creative enough up to now, it is only because of our way of thinking, because we indulge in negative thought patterns. There is an interdependent linkage between our processes of thinking and feeling, and it is important for us to discover the rules and learn how they work.

 14] We Feel Exactly as We Think that We Feel

If we feel at ease, we think accordingly, and if we think we are at ease, we begin to feel accordingly. If so, then feeling diseased, or dis-eased, is in some way rooted in the process of thinking diseased, and vice-versa. What is the best ratio between thought and feelings? Too big a difference might increase the level of strain, while equal amounts might neutralize all action. A proper balance is needed, because too much of either is going to be more than enough.

15] The Ecology of Thought

Thought is but a process, a process of the mind, aware or unaware of its own existence. Thought is like a horse. It can be tamed, held in control by will or by various other conditions. Given a start, a direction and a target, it can go anywhere. Thought has an origin at its beginning, a starting point. Thought can follow voluntarily of its own accord, it can be directed and held under control, it can be influenced by normal or exceptional conditions of the body and the mind. It can be triggered by brain processes and the state of the body organs, or by undergoing specific processes or conditions. It can develop in any direction, favorable or dangerous, by becoming a truly consequential follower, or inconsequent to its origin.

Thought lies at the basis of awareness and acting. Thought may be favorable or dangerous. Thought is a necessary process, when directed and held in control. Thought needs a direction and a target in order to express itself. The nature of thought depends on the source that initiates and sustains it by giving it direction or by imposing a direction on it. On whether it is initiated or triggered and starts involuntarily, or is directed by will. Thought can become wild and out of control. Thought can be a blessing or a- curse. Thoughts and feelings are the basis for any development, be it positive or negative in nature. Thought is influenced by feelings that can also originate it and direct its course.

The nature and origin of thought can influence our well-being, for good or for bad. Thoughts and feelings, these two together, may initiate or contain the future diseases, in the same way that they brought about the ones currently encountered.  Thoughts and feelings are being generated in our minds, but once started, they can get out of control, and wander around on their own. According to their nature and direction, they can embellish the surrounding atmosphere, or totally pollute it. Thoughts and feelings are like vehicles of locomotion that can take us anywhere, provided that we pay the fare for the trip. We can pick them up from the neighborhood, sometimes without even knowing it, and we can find ourselves in places other than where we wanted to be. You can pick them up wherever you are and think that they are yours.

Thought is a contaminating, detectable state of vibration that can affect and determine the state of our well-being. The atmosphere around us is being continually contaminated by negative vibrations, and that can severely damage the natural environment. Thought is influenced, colored, changed, can become passive or militant, favorable or adverse and negative by nature, to the essence of nature in general. Thought is influenced by reason and/or by feelings, and by overall internal and/or external conditions. Thought and feelings develop in the territory of our own body. We cannot remain undamaged and totally safe and sane at the same time.

We cannot live and accommodate ourselves to what goes on around us, and remain untouched by it. We are being involuntarily conditioned, pulled along by what is happening around us. We tune ourselves like musical instruments, as if to a tuning fork, according to the surrounding vibrational field. We respond to the environment mostly without knowing it, beyond our own will or interest. We get drawn in, trapped and badly influenced by it. We vibrate and become these vibrations, in all aspects of our being. Our senses lose their natural qualities, they become blunted, and thus, our natural connections are lost and we don’t feel grounded anymore. Instead of cleaning and fine-tuning the tools we were born with, we make use of crutches and surrogates to continue our existence. Anything concerning thought-ecology must also concern self-responsibility and awareness – for all of us.

16] Creativity is an Activity Demanding Expression!

The measure of the quantity and quality of the current feelings of life within us, is the expression of the life force that finds its way out through our being creative, no matter the field of our creative activity. Being creative is an active and dynamic act. You can’t be passive and creative at the same time; they are mutually exclusive. Living a creative life is far more, and far beyond the physical, chemical, or mechanical continuation of our existence!! We ought to be active and creatively alive and convincingly present in all our thoughts and actions.

We have to constitute a sign of affirmation in all that we do, and to creatively affirm our presence in life by being creatively active and present. Plenty of people go through life devoid of their presence in it. The vast majority of people are not present in their own lives, despite their walking around among us. Whenever you happen to catch the expression in their eyes, you get the feeling that “nobody’s home”. They are devoid of almost any sign of vitality. Life energy is not expressed. What a waste of time. What a pity! Self-expression is our way of affirming our own presence on the scene of life. While living life, expressing that we are alive is a must.  Creativity is a an area of activity that expresses life, and as such, it is always connected to self-expression of the quality of the life force present within us. And that is why many people, while being “alive”, so to speak, are not living and fully enjoying their life.  “Holistic Creativity” aims to expand the creative awareness towards finding the meaning behind life, and thereby the purpose of being alive, so that we can regain control of what it is that we are supposed to be doing while being here and being alive. When alive, while creatively aware, the outside negative influences fade away, because we are prepared and have the necessary tools to deal with them.

“Holistic Creativity” encourages teaching us the means and the ways to access the hidden resources present inside ourselves, and thus to fully utilize this domain that we are entitled to have and to fully make use of, and to enjoy it by birthright.




Life is just the way it is!

But it can be

Much more than that!

It can be

Unlimited beauty,

Abundance and limitless joy,

Unconditional love and

 Total harmony.

Life has a purpose behind it,

Known or as yet unknown,

That we ought

To rediscover,


The purpose behind Life

Is self-fulfillment.

Purpose implies an existing


For our being here

And having a direction to follow,


Knowing the direction

Of the development of Life.

We need to continually reorient ourselves

 To the direction of

This Life Energy

That is always present

Inside of us.

We need to free it and make use

Of this energy,

To let it express itself

Creatively through us.

In order to attain

Whatever we want in life,

We have to know exactly

What we really want and need.

Our will has to be positively


With this inner harmony

And abundance

That gives direction to

Life’s development,

Allowing us to be creative,

Life-fulfilling and


In everything we





Connecting Link Meditation. # 12

Etching1 (55)# 12

“Connecting Link Meditation”.


– As we seat quietly, with closed eyes, spine erect… we begin to be aware of our breath, by following the air entering and living our lungs:…

– Breathing inn… and out… Inn… and out… with ease…

Inn… and out… on it’s own… inn… and out…

 – Like the waves of the ocean coming to the shore and departing…

– so; with every breath inn and out… our abdomen rises and falls… on it’s own… inn… and out… on it’s own…

– We do not interfere… We just watch the air entering our lungs in… and going out… on its own…

– Like the waves of the ocean… inn… and out… with ease… on it’s own… inn….and out…

– We feel quiet… and relaxed… while our abdomen is rising with each coming breath… and goes down with every exhalation… with ease… on its own…

– Relaxing more and more, with every breath…  inn… and out… inn… and out…

– Spine erect, calm and steady… like a  connecting pillar sustaining heaven and earth…

– We are this connecting link between heaven and earth… “we are this connecting link”…

– In us… with every breath inn… all the universe enters… all eternity pulsates… and breaths  through…

– The breath of Life, is entering our lungs… filling us with new Life-energy… Health and Well-being…

– With every breath inn… more and more energy… with every breath… more health, more joy, and more well-being…

– We are so full of this Life-energy now, so full of this Love… we feel so complete inside ourselves… that we feel free and willing to share this Love… this fullness… with all around us… with the entire universe…

– With every breath inn… more and more complete… peaceful… relaxed… with every breath inn… – Life energy entering us… with every breath inn…

– With every breath out… sharing this fullness, with the entire universe…

Inn… and out… inn… and out… inn… and out… through us…

– A continuous flowing breath, is established between heaven and earth… through us…

– “We are this connecting link”…

– Through us the connecting link is established…

– “We are this connecting link”…

– We Feel this with our entire being…

– We feel the process of purification… taking place in us… in every organ… in every cell… in our entire being…

– We feel it in this very moment…

– We know the responsibility involved…

– We are this connecting link…

– With every breath… we take in the entire universe and we become part of it within ourselves…

– We feel this harmony… and we become this harmony…

– With every breath out… we give our thanks, for having the opportunity to play our role… by  being a constituent  part in this cosmic breath…

– – With every breath out… we send our love… we give our good intentions… we participate in joy and share in this creation… with all our being…

– We play our role in the cosmic plan… being fully aware of the role we play in it…

– The breath of Life is entering us on it’s own rhythm, inn… and out… inn… and out… on it’s own…

– We feel good and… contained…

– we are calm, peacefull… and clear…

– We are relaxed… and steady…

– We feel good… and connected to Life itself…

– We feel safe… and strong…

– We are healed… and happy…

– Full of love… and joy…

– Full of Life… and energy………


– In a few moments, we are going to finish this meditation at the count from 1-5.

– We will remember and retain this experience, in our daily life, long after this meditation is over.

1) – We begin to become aware of our surroundings.

2) – Outside noises are entering our ears.

3) – We become aware of our feelings; the blood pulsating in the tips of our fingers, our abdomen going in and out, as the fresh air enters the lungs.

4) – We feel good and recharged with positive energy, full of Life-force, and in a good mood.

5) – Lightly, we open our eyes, blinking and stretching our body, like awakening from a beautiful and healthy dream…